Afrikaner cyclist Rudi vd Westhuizen 29 hijacked at gunpoint by foreign black male

Survives: Afrikaner cyclist Rudi van der Westhuizen 29, hijacked at gunpoint by black male, Rustenburg
28-Mar-2014 Platinum Weekly Newspaper – Rustenburg – Rudi van der Westhuizen, a 29-year-old cycler, was hi-jacked! Yes, hi-jacked at gunpoint of his bicycle on Friday (21 March ’14) morning at approximately 9h15.
Friday started like any other day when the cycling group meets and take to the road to do a couple of kilometres (apart from the fact that it was a public holiday; Heritage Day).

The group gradually fragmented as the fast peddlers went ahead while the laid back cyclists fell to the rear of the pack. Rudi had ‘taken the lead’ and as such he reached the bridge at the Wildevy Shopping centre before his fellow cyclists.
Municipal workers had recently dug a ditch, which effectively cut off that section of the course. Undeterred, Rudi decided to cross the ditch. He climbed from his bicycle and went through the ditch. He noted a man approaching in the distance, but did not make anything of it. When he reached the other side he was just about to mount his bike again when that very same man was virtually next to him… pointing a gun at him.