Quick-fire five with Cape Town’s Chandre Goosen

Chandre Goosen.

Chandre Goosen, is a lover of all things fashion and fast cars, and is hoping to inspire women around South Africa as she competes for a top spot in the 2020 Mrs South Africa pageant.

With a successful clothing label, this mother of 2 knows that the sky’s the limit and no goal is too big to reach!

She is a fashion rebel at heart, and a fearless human wanting to prove to the world that everyone should live each moment as if it were their last. “Lady G”, as she’s known, is a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and believes that she can run for the Mrs SA title!

We sat down with Chandre Goosen, aka Lady G, in an all-exclusive interview; in a feature we call “quick-fire five”.

5 words that best describe you?

Driven, dedication, fearless, loyal, bubbly…

5 names of people that have a positive impact on your life?

I know you said 5 but I had to go over the limit here… haha.

My husband Olaf, my children Jay-Dee and Kalum, my mentor Cathy Heaton, my mom, my brother and sisters, my fantastic mom in law, and my phenomenal staff. I adore them all and can’t thank them enough for their love and support.

5 places you love that everyone should add to their bucket-lists?

I would definitely suggest:

Skiathos in Greece for their hospitality and culture;

Disney Euro in Paris for an adventure of a lifetime;

Zara in London as it’s where I worked as an assistant;

Life Day Spa Waterfront in Cape Town for the best pamper spa days’ and

Mauritius which is like my second home.

5 books that you would highly recommend?

I would definitely recommend the following:

Law of Attraction

Living on Purpose


Darling Rose Gold

My Dark Vanessa

5 things we’d find in your handbag?

Power lipstick from Catrice

My bronzer

My mints

My power bank

Tissues that match my Vovarova SA handbag

5 foods that you dislike?

Pork, blue cheese, grapefruit, offal and venison…not a fan!

5 things you do before heading to bed?

I first finish up all my daily admin.

Then its story time with my husband and boys.

Then it’s time for a relaxing bath with a lush bath ball, cleanse my face, and do my daily skincare routine.

I then tackle my ponytail before we go to sleep, so I don’t damage my hair.

And then its final goodnight kisses for my beautiful boys and I head for my pillow.

5 things you are grateful for?

Knowing what it is like coming from nothing.

Being humble and never forgetting where I came from.

My husband and children.

My health and happiness.

Being privileged enough to get up and to be able to make a change in my life.

5 things you look for in a man?

Something that is loving and compassionate.

Someone who will back me and what I am passionate about.

Someone who has the same morals and values that I have.

Someone who is humble and down to earth.

Someone who supports and puts his family first.

Thankfully my husband is all of these things, and more!

Follow her journey: https://www.instagram.com/chandre_ladyg/

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