Introducing: The second best skincare routine in the world

Introducing: The second best skincare routine in the world
Introducing: The second best skincare routine in the world

We’re a new brand called Sapienic … as in ‘of sapiens’ … Homo sapiens. It’s a shit name but the .com was available, so we went with it.


We think that the modern skincare routine sucks:

  1. First, you cleanse – strip the skin’s natural oils and wash them down the drain with foaming agents.
  2. Then you tone – spray with water, preservatives, and a pretty fragrance.
  3. Then you moisturize – attempt to replace natural skin oils with petrochemicals and token amounts of natural actives.


Is this better than doing nothing?


85% of modern teens have acne and around 20% of children have eczema. These inflammatory skin diseases are very rare or totally absent in people living traditional lifestyles. With the use of skincare products, has our skin got LESS healthy?


Us ‘moderns’ are doing something wrong.

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“The cosmetics industry has borrowed a page from the playbook of the tobacco industry by putting profits ahead of public health.”

Senator Edward Kennedy, September 10, 1997,

at Senate hearings on the FDA Reform Bill


For the last 200 000 years, your ancestors have been washing in cool river water. If you’re doing that, and using no skincare products … we can’t help you.

You’ve nailed it.


If you’re an urban dweller who uses makeup, we can help to get your skin closer to optimal health by using biotechnology to mimic the conditions for which you have evolved. We call it Paleo Biotech.


We don’t kill 99,9% of germs. We try not to kill any at all. We add millions of live probiotic bacteria to boost your skin microbiome and bring nature’s microbes back to your skin. We’ve spent 8 years selecting strains of Lactobacillus and Bacillus probiotics that deliver results.


We also introduce a world-first in skincare … Sapienic Acid. This is the most abundant fatty acid on human skin. It is unique to humans and isn’t found in any other animal, which is where it gets its name – homo sapiens again.


A new routine: We don’t cleanse-tone-moisturize.


No cleanser. If you aren’t wearing makeup, we suggest lukewarm water as your first step. If you need to remove makeup in the evening, we have a cream-based Makeup Remover that lifts makeup with minimal disruption.


No toner. We have a Probiotic Mist with millions of live bacteria in a vial that you add before the first use.


No Moisturizer. We have split the moisturizer into two – a Lipid phase with oil-soluble actives and a Serum phase with water-soluble actives. This allows you to tailor the product to your needs as you make your moisturizer in the palm of your hand. On hot humid days, you would only use two or three drops of Lipid; but in mid-winter, you might need eight or nine. The amount of serum is a constant two pumps.


Our Boosters. We have a Probiotic Boost with a billion live Lactobacillus bacteria per ml. It boosts skin firmness and elasticity (independent clinical trials in Bonn, Germany*). We also have Sapienic Boost with Sapienic Acid to protect you from pathogens and feed your skin’s microbiome.


We do anti-aging for sensitive skin. More than half of us ‘moderns’ have sensitive skin, so we have formulated all our products around this need.



We’re organic (COSMOS) and carbon neutral. We are also plastic neutral – our products are packaged in glass, but we still need plastic closures. For each kg of plastic that we use, we recover two kg from the ocean for recycling. This doesn’t mean that we’re hippies who do ineffective, poorly-researched crap – it just means that we’d rather our children didn’t inherit a tip.

If you’d like to see our clinical trials or verify our environmental credentials, let us know.


*Shown to increases skin firmness by 16% and skin elasticity by 9% in 28 days. Results are based on 20 subjects using live probiotics twice a day for 28 days.