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August is the time of year that adds a bit of colour to the South African calendar. Women’s Month is the perfect time to celebrate women and embrace the change they create around them. A lot of women are the mainstay of families, companies, causes and households. Besides being unique and diverse in their roles, talents, characters and personalities, they also stand out from the crowd with the distinctive ‘financial shoes’ that they wear. Women’s ‘financial shoes’ tell a story about how they manage their finances and what they consider to be important when making financial and / or lifestyle decisions.

Are you embracing the ‘financial shoe(s)’ that you wear or tend to wear? Do you even know what kind of shoe(s) you relate to? This month Zeeva’s team is encouraging women to continue to be the best representatives and stewards of their finances. In a nutshell – if the shoe fits ladies, wear it and wear it well. Zeeva highlights the four types of ‘financial shoes’ women can wear as well as the financial pitfalls they may encounter while wearing them.

The High, Stylish Stiletto

If you are a typical loner, logical, factual or analytical, then this is your type of shoe ladies.  Stilettos usually work alone, resemble power, they love name brands and like to take control of situations. Their characteristics typically sketch the bottom line of things. They are able to draft a sum of their overall debt for example (note: not the detail thereof).

What to do to prevent your Stilettos from hurting your feet?

Because Stilettos are not necessarily detail orientated, they need to be aware of certain downsides that can hurt their feet (finances). There is nothing wrong with a bit of showing off, but you should not exceed your monthly income with purchases. You should, therefore, be careful not to try and keep up with the Jones’, as your debt can quickly spiral out of control. Zeeva advises Stilettos to start with the basics by drawing up a ‘user-friendly’ budget and to stick to their shopping lists.

The Smart, Casual Pump

Pumps are the type of ‘financial shoes’ that love detail, planning, routine and discipline. Pumps can explain their budget within their budget as well as the exact amount of each debt that they have – that’s how detailed they are.

How NOT to over-wear your Pumps?

To all the Pumps out there: too much of a good thing, may not be the best thing. Be careful not to be too focused on all that detail, you can fall into a trap where you overextend your financial situation. Do you really need that extended warranty for the new fridge or double insurance for long-term investments?

The Comfy Sneaker

You can be sure to find the Sneaker in group conversations and outings. They just love to communicate, express themselves and they are indeed people and family focussed. Their and others’ emotions and moods play a big part in their lifestyle and financial decisions.

Who can step on your undone Sneakers’ shoelaces?

  • YOU – If you are a Sneaker, be careful and do not allow emotions or moods to get in the way of any decision making. A bit of pre-financial planning is your ideal fairy godmother to remind you not to spend money (that you don’t have) on yourself, your friends, colleagues and family members.
  • RETAILERS OR YOUR CHILDREN – It’s best to stick to your budget and not let the kids or others (like the retailer behind the counter) influence the number of items you buy in the end. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you really need the item? And can you afford it?

The Statement Shoe

Are you the typical risk-taker (like investing in aggressive type of investments), a bit impulsive, love trends and usually see the bigger picture? If so, you are indeed the embodiment of funkiness itself. The Statement Shoe is a unique type of trendy shoe like the ‘gladiator’, for example.

Why a Statement Shoe can lose its funkiness and ruin an outfit?

By not keeping your finances ‘close’, not planning, having no budget and not saving for unexpected emergencies, you can definitely lose your uniqueness. Regarding investments – if you do take risks, take calculated risks. Also, don’t let your image get in the way by spending more than you earn and buying what you don’t need. Zeeva encourages Statement Shoes to avoid making impulsive decisions and start trying out some good financial habits (like budgeting and planning).

Zeeva is a proud supporter of Women’s Month and wants to celebrate women not only during August, but also in future months (and years) to come. Zeeva encourages women to embrace their originality and to wear their ‘financial shoes’ with pride – and a bit of caution of course.  Zeeva is a Debt Management Program specifically designed for women by women.  SMS your name and ZEEVA to 30967 (free of charge) if you need some extra help to manage your finances better and to get your debt out of the way.

* The examples in this article are generalised, any resemblance to actual women or circumstances are purely coincidental.


About Zeeva:

The Zeeva Debt Management Program is the first company in South Africa to combine the power of the NCR’s debt review process with benefits exclusively created for women. Zeeva aims to empower South African women so that they can take back control over their debt – providing them with support and breathing space to get their glow back. Contact one of their skilled debt advisors:  0861 444 483; email: [email protected] or SMS “Your Name & ZEEVA” to 30967 (free SMS).
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