For the love of red, South Africans love a good lip!

For the love of red, South Africans love a good lip!
For the love of red, South Africans love a good lip!


South Africans love a good lip


While the first commercial lipstick was introduced in 1884 in Paris, Africans have been rocking a great lip stain for thousands of years, with the first record of lipstick application in Egypt as early as 4000 BC. From Cleopatra’s dabbling in making her own lipstick to today’s global usage, lipstick is one of the best-selling beauty products of all time!*

The global lipstick market size in 2022 was valued at an astounding USD 6835.1 million.* Further evidence that this product is arguably the number one staple in millions of make-up bags across the world.

For the love of red

Of course, in South Africa, we too love a good lip, with our colours reflecting our vibrant and diverse personalities. According to Cuan Kemp, National Head of Make-up, Marketing & Social Media, and Global Educator, “South Africans love bold, vital colours – with these outselling the soft neutral colours typically popular overseas. The Kryolan Classic Red – the LC008 (blood red) to be exact – is an all-time favourite and best-seller here.

“This makes sense as red lipstick has always been associated with power and strength, making it a striking colour. This suits our strong people as it is a powerful, feminine and brave colour”.

Expert Top Tip

Kemp continues with a top tip when creating the perfect red lip, “For the perfect red lip always begin by exfoliating and hydrating your lips to ensure a smooth application. This should be followed by lining your lips with a matching or slightly darker red lip liner to map out the shape of your lips – I find starting at the cupid’s bow best as it allows you to determine how heavily you want to over/under-line your lips enabling you to perfect your pout with precision. Once happy with the shape, fill in with your favourite shade of red Lipstick or Lip Stain and allow to sit for 1-2 minutes on the lip. Blot with a tissue and apply a second coat if you feel you need a more powerful punch of colour! Top with a coat of High Gloss if you prefer a glossy finish to a matte look.”

Lipstick has made us happy for centuries. And will continue to do so, and in the words of Coco Chanel “If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack.”

Kryolan SA has over 70 shades of lipstick in their collection, but over 120 shades in the entire lip range amongst all the lip products.

Don’t miss out!

Kryolan SA is running a promotion on lipsticks from 01 – 14 February, both online and in-store. Lipsticks will be less than 25%, and lip stains 20% less.

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