Buying Salwar Kameez Online? Read This Article Before To Avoid Common Mistakes

Buying Salwar Kameez Online? Read This Article Before To Avoid Common Mistakes
Buying Salwar Kameez Online? Read This Article Before To Avoid Common Mistakes. Photo: Haya Creations

Gone are those days when we used to think that Salwar kameez is only for traditional occasions. Right now, with a wide range of colors, styles, fabrics, and functionality, Salwar kameez is the most versatile outfit for an Indian woman. A working woman who wants to flaunt her ambition of flying high in the corporate scene or a housewife who want to wear her dignity with confidence; a Salwar suit would be the most appropriate choice regardless of what role you’re playing in life.


From a cocktail party to a wedding ceremony, from Diwali to new year eve; there’s no event or occasion when you can’t rely on a nice Salwar kameez. After all, what other dress can reflect ethnicity and modernism, elegance and seduction, flamboyance and functionality, at the same time? The wardrobe of an Indian woman can never be concluded without a few Salwar suits, and today we have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you in purchasing some of that gorgeousness – from online while sitting comfortably in your home.

What Things Should You Keep In Mind When Shopping Salwar Online?

Today, online shopping is booming among the people due to the convenience and options it offers. However, if you’re buying dresses like Salwar kameez online, you should be aware of a few crucial steps –

  • Design Or Style Is Essential – The most vital point which should be in your mind when buying a Salwar suit is, you have to choose the style based on the event or occasion. Put simply, if you’re purchasing the Salwar for an official or formal event, an Anarkali suit wouldn’t be a wise decision, right? Hence, select the dress following the event.
  • Select Fabric Wisely – Just like the style, the fabric of the outfit is also very important. As you’re buying Salwar online, you won’t be able to touch and feel the fabric of the dress. For that reason, you should read the details and description of the dress carefully and find out what materials and fabrics have been used to craft that outfit.
  • Don’t Forget Your Body Type; Measurement Is The Key – There is no trial room when you’re shopping online. So, make sure you know your own body measurement first, and then you check the size chart of that dress and buy as per your own measurement.
  • Embellishments: it can make or break your dress – This is another vital point. While Embellishments and decorations can make a rather ordinary traditional Salwar to a ravishing one, however again, you should decide on how much you want based on the occasion and type of people you are expecting to be around you on that occasion. There’s no rule of thumb though. As long as it’s not too much, you can go for it. You can choose from a wide variety of decorations like Zari embroidery, stones, kundan, zardozi, etc. Please keep in mind that, the embellishment should not overshadow the character of the particular style of the Salwar kameez.


  • Return Policy: Read The “Fine Prints” – This is something which is not specific when buying Salwar, but applicable for anything you’re buying online. Every e-commerce shop has a different return policy; hence you should research about it before you put your credit card details on that site. Most e-commerce sites, nowadays, have a generous return policy and allow you from 7 to 15 days period before you can return the dress for replacement or refund if anything goes wrong. But you should not forget to read the “fine prints,” otherwise there can be some nasty surprises for you when the time comes. If something you’re confused about, you can directly email then, or simply call to their customer service for more clarification. Also, you can read the user reviews on that site or any third-party review site to know about the experiences of others who have done shopping from that site already.

If you’re still here, I can guess that you enjoyed the article. And as a return gift, let me tell you a secret, like some said, “I saved the best for the last.” I am a habitual online shopper and already purchased Salwar kameez from multiple e-commerce platforms. However, it’s the “Haya Creations” who has the most variety of Salwar kameez available among all the sites. You must check their summer collection which has launched just recently. For wedding salwar kameez online shopping, you can’t go wrong with Haya, period.

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