Absolutely gorgeous Autumn looks – the how to from a local make-up expert

AUTUMN MAKE-UP TRENDS 2022 – An international make-up brand weighs in

Absolutely gorgeous Autumn looks – the how to from a local make-up expert
Absolutely gorgeous Autumn looks - the how to from a local make-up expert

Johannesburg, April 2022: Summer saw a bold rebellion of colour explode onto the scene, as people came out of hiding, ready to show their faces to the world again. As the days become shorter and Autumn makes its vibrant entrance, the season’s trends are shifting again. Cuan Kemp, National Head of Marketing & Social Media, National Head of Education and National Head of Make-up for professional make-up brand Kryolan SA, shares his thoughts on up-and-coming Autumn trends and advice on finding the perfect products to match.

Nude lips

A more natural look is gaining popularity in the lipstick palette, according to Kemp. He adds, “Nude lips are the perfect opportunity to let natural beauty radiate without distraction. With a variety of shades and textures available, there is the perfect nude lipstick for everyone, even if it hasn’t been a preference before.”

Kemp shares a few tips for discovering the ultimate nude lip look:

“The first and most crucial step in finding your shade is to determine your skin’s undertone. Wearing a cool tone lipstick when you have a warm undertone can look slightly washed out.

“To the same extent, wearing warm-toned lipstick with a cool undertone can make you seem off-balance. Swatching by applying a few samples on the wrist will help determine the colours that don’t clash with your undertone.

“Lipstick testers are always available but not very sanitary. But there is a way to use a tester in store without risking infection. Place cling wrap over your lips and try the colour on without actually letting it touch your lips.

“This method also allows you to test different shades without having to wipe off each colour before the next. Residual pigment could interfere with how the colour sits on the lips as even the slightest hint of the previous sample could alter how a shade appears.

“Kryolan LIP STAIN, in the Gospel shade, is the perfect universal choice. It is a natural base colour that can be customised according to your personal preferences by adding a second LIP STAIN shade. Soften the tone by adding LIP STAIN in a Latin shade or add a hint of LIP STAIN in Urban or House, for a darker nude lip. This is ideal for a slightly darker complexion. Adding a touch of LIP STAIN in the Swing shade will transform the Gospel shade into a softer nude with a hint of pink.

‘The LIPSTICK CLASSIC range also has a few nude tones. LC138 is a versatile beige tone with just a hint of pink – perfect for any undertone skin. Kryolan’s LIPSTICK FASHION range has a selection of autumn colours. Shade LF405 is similar to Gospel lip stain, just that little bit pinker.”

 Autumn Eyes

According to Kemp, eye make-up should always intensify eye shape and colour. And autumn hues are the perfect way to accentuate the window to your soul.

“Kryolan has a range of HD Cream Liner which can be used as a cream eye shadow. It comes in magnificent autumn tones – Bronze, Golden Shimmer, Rose Gold, Sunkissed, and Cacao.

“Their rich, warm undertones are perfect without being too dark or dramatic for the current season. The silicone-based formulae are water-resistant, smudge-proof, and last 18 hours without creasing or fading. They also allow for experimentation – powdered eye shadow can then be applied on top of these to intensify the colours or change the dimension entirely.”

The new bronze age

Kemp concludes, “This year’s autumn palette complements the warm, muted hues that the season brings,” says Kemp. “Nudes, earth tones, and bronzes are making a comeback, with warm, harmonious glowing looks taking centre stage.”


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