Yoga Clothes That Protect And Make Yoga Fun

Read the article to know the right kind of yoga clothes that helps to practice yoga with safety and ease.

There are many things that come to our mind when we decide to embark the self- transforming journey of yoga. But yoga clothes are one thing that we count at the end, and we shouldn’t be doing this. A right kind of yoga wear is essential to make yoga practice fun, to feel easy and comfortable, and to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. And to save the day, there are lots of yoga clothing brands and products in the market, but with so many options it still remains confusing to choose the right one.

Here is a perfect guide to choosing the right yoga clothes that you can wear to your daily yoga classes.

For The Silhouette

It is always important to choose clothes that are comfortable with and have a modest coverage. But that doesn’t mean you turn up to your yoga classes in an oversized T-shirt and baggy pants. When it comes to yoga, your clothes should be body-hugging, but not too tight or plunging. Body-fitted clothes are great while performing inversions. The right fit allows easy movements and makes you feel relaxed during the regular yoga classes.

Be Careful With Fabric- Let Your Skin Breathe

After a right fit, consider to picking the right fabric according to the season. A right fabric is important when you do any kind of workout. It lets your skin breathe and keep the skin allergies and rashes at bay.

In summers, choose fabrics like Bamboo- a natural fabric (made from pulp yields), light, breathable, moisture-wicking, that protects you from harsh sun rays as well. Cotton/Polyester or Cotton/Nylon allows you to exercise and bend easily.

Selecting pure cotton can be risky, as you sweat it becomes transparent. Another great fabric is Spandex, which gives you a great stretch, is breathable and dries quickly. Tencel is same as bamboo, made from wood pulp and is sweat-wicking, cool, and soft.

In winters, you can opt from these fabrics along with Wool and X-Static. Choose a thick fabric, as thin clothes can become see-through as you stretch.

Play With Colors- Be Bold And Do Yoga

Always try to choose bold colors, especially for the bottom wear. Light colored pants tend to be see-through and let the sweat lines show at all the wrong places, no matter how thick is the fabric. So opt for prints, camouflage, geometrical designs, etc. Choose colors like navy blue, black, green, chocolate brown, dark grey, black, and purple.

Get The Layering Game On

It takes time to warm up in yoga, especially when you are practicing in an A/C room or during winters. So it is good to layer it up with thin clothes that are easy to shed when the temperature turns to normal. Layering helps you to provide inner-warmth, loosens muscles, and makes you feel cozy.

Plan The Wardrobe

For Tops- Wear body-hugging stretchable tops and avoid loose necklines. You can go for stretchable cotton-blend t-shirts, crop tops, racer back tops, and tank tops. They are best and won’t rise up.

For Bottoms- You get a wider variety of yoga pants these days. Always choose elasticated waist pants- be it Capri, legging, pants, and shorts that are not too short. Beginners should avoid baggy pants, harem pants, and shorts, to avoid getting it on your way while practicing. Also avoid wearing holed pants, as it can put you in an awkward situation.

Inner-Wear- The point is most considerable for women, as it is very important to wear the right kind of underwear during your the yoga classes. Wear a sports bra, front zipper sports bra, and avoid wearing loose, old and wired bras. Avoid wearing cotton and lacy underwear, though the fabric is breathable, but goes heavy when wet and takes time to dry.

Yoga benefits your health at every point and to reap all the yogic rewards, be careful to deal smartly with the basics such as yoga wear or the right mat. Wear the right yoga clothes, wear your confidence.