Tips for relieving you from stressed work

Workplace stress is a common thing at our offices, it may come due to conflict with your workmates, complex task allocated to you, unmet deadlines, fear of being laid off and sometimes it may be just because of the color on the wall. Stress is not always that bad as it enables the staff members to be more focused on their task and be able to handle the challenges within the office but excessive stress at the work station is not that good, it lowers its staff production and at times a lot of conflicts may arise within the workplace. Some of the traits that show that the workers are stressed include anxiety by the staff, poor performance at work, fatigue by the staffs and many more.

Many techniques have been developed in order to manage stress and anxiety within the workplace.


It was said all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but it seems jack is always dull these days. One of the best techniques to control stress is through doing exercise, putting your body through physical stress may really help in relieving the mental stress. Doing some exercise helps the body to reduce the stress hormones, increase the ones confidence and also help the body relax. After a good physical exercise people tend to have a good night sleep especially when they sleep on a good mattress. So if you are not exercising and stressed please wake and start doing so.

Mindfulness Meditation

This is the practice of sitting comfortably, concentrating on your breathing and making your mind to focus on the present and ignore the past and the future. At this moment you get the chance to forget all the work that you left in the office and focus on the moment. This practice can be done in the office, in your house or even in your comfortable mattress in your bedroom. This method of meditation has enjoyed growth in popularity all over the world In the past few years. It can be very helpful to people facing depression, anxiety and who are in pain.

Reduce your caffeine intake.

Some people think taking more caffeine at the workplace will make them be more attentive and concentrate more on the task they have been allocated.  The biggest challenge is that not many people can know what level of caffeine they can tolerate in their bodies. Three to five cups of coffee in a day can be healthy for your body but consuming more than eight cups of caffeine in a day can increase anxiety and stress at the workplace. So if you are stressed at work check your coffee consumption at the workplace and know how many cups you can tolerate in a day.

Get enough rest

Do not work hard but work smart. Some workers believe working for long hours will enable them to finish up all the task on time, but it is always great to do the right thing at the right time. Have enough rest to enable you to be fresh the following day so that you can be more productive. The place where you are sleeping also matter, sleeping in an uncomfortable place makes you stressed and tired the following day. The mattress that you sleep on should be very comfortable to enable your body to relax and wake the following ready to handle the work at hand.

Spend time with your friends and family.

Spending more time with people who care about your welfare may help to reduce stress at your workplace. Friends and family are pillars in our lives that are very important in motivating and encouraging you. Some friends may help you with ideas on how to handle the work that is stressing you and some may even help you to handle the task. According to studies, it is believed that people with few social connections are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Therefore when you are stressed at the workplace please make that phone call to your friend or a family member, it may really help.

Learn to say no

It is also okay to say no to your boss or workmate at the workplace, it is not always okay to accept all the workload you are given even though it more than necessary. Being choosy sometimes may be really helpful in avoiding stress. Ensure you take only the task that you can handle but also in line with the companies guidelines. Doing this will ensure you do not face unnecessary stress at your workplace.


In recent, the popularity of yoga practice as the method of meditation and stress relief among all age groups has grown all over the world. The practice aims at joining your body to your mind, this is done by increasing body and breath awareness. Yoga can be done on a small comfortable mattress since it is important to be comfortable while doing yoga. Some companies are adopting yoga in their workplace and advising its workers to practice to avoid conflicts and tackle the issue of stress at work.