How to dress for a yoga class?

Know what to wear, which fabrics are better, and how to keep it appropriate, comfortable, and bright with essential yoga wear tips.

How to dress for a yoga class?
How to dress for a yoga class?

Wearing the right clothes at yoga can make a major difference, whether you are going for peaceful restorative sessions or a hot and heavy bout of vinyasa. In yoga attire, there is the additional motivation of being stylish and feeling the athletic vibes besides being appropriate for the sessions. With Athleisure hugely dominating trends, you would be in for a range of yoga wear, varied in colors and cuts. From baggy pants to tight-fitting slacks and Harlems, tank tops, and cut-out pieces—it’s a gala of fashion redefining fare.

Here is a list of factors to keep in mind when you are gearing up for yoga—

Mind Light-Colored Tops and Bottoms for You are Going to Sweat!

Yes, there is definitely going to be some sweating. Yoga is hardly ever conducted in an A.C. room because it is better to breathe in fresh air and feel connected to nature when you are meditating. You are probably going to enter a spacious hall with large windows opening to sunshine and lungful of oxygen but nothing to artificially cool you when the body starts heating up near climactic turns of each posture with kindled internal fire.

So you are going to be sweating, mildly or profuse, and light colored bras or tops can then easily turn into a mess. Making ugly blotches from the inside, sweating can make fabrics go transparent, even the sweat-proof ones. Be careful not to look embarrassing when drenched this bad!

Proper Coverage for You Don’t Want to Distract

Yoga is a good thing to feel sexy about, since the exercise gives you shape, confidence, and amped fitness level. That’s why you should be on your guard not to get tempted into wearing anything untoward like super-short hot pants or tops that plunge deep into the neckline. It’s not ‘decency’ or clothing morality being addressed here but the simple fact that such clothing can distract.

You don’t want to make an ugly sight and be talked about for the wrong reasons when your attire becomes too revealing for your own good. So, be careful with the scope of revelation and save all the short, stringy, striking low necks for after-yoga parties.

Allow Full Range of Movement

Wear appropriately to give your hands and legs the best field of movement and motion. In postures like Firefly or the Eight Angle Pose, you need to be rotating and spread your arms and legs wide. Wear a fabric suitable for the sport—tops that hang right where they should be and snug-fitting pants.

Avoid cotton thingies that may fold and bunch up, prohibiting you from moving the whole turn. Also, you might want to keep bottoms that stretch at the crotch for you won’t want an accident of the seams tearing when you stretch to the optimal.

Breathable Fabric

It’s not enough to wear your garments tailored to your shape; you also need to keep your fabrics breathable. The best of today’s activewear brands feature cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex. These have unique beneficial properties of their own.

Cotton will safeguard you from stench more than polyester since synthetic fabrics cause stink-causing germs to boom. But polyester and nylon are more durable, sweat-wicking, light-weight, and wrinkle resistant.

Breathability-wise, polyester trumps both cotton and nylon. Depending on what kind of yoga you are going to and how intense, you may choose your fabric. Give the lesser known bamboo-pulp fabric a try, because it’s amazingly soft, breathable, free of stench, and protects skin from ultraviolet.

Keeping it Short for Hot and Bikram

Shorts are not usually recommended in yoga wear for it could be uncomfortable but when you are signed up for sessions as hot and clammy as Hot Yoga and Bikram, shorts may be a natural choice. Coupled with singlets and sports bras, shorts are best for this type of workout.

Spruce up the whole look with easy-to-take-off footwear and a hippie headband to keep your hair neat. Now hit yoga classes in style and bring your peace on!