How Deep Tissue Massage Helps Chronic Pain

Tissue Massage

There are tons of massages to choose from when you enter a spa. From Swedish, shiatsu, hot stone, or Thai massages, you can select which one is best for you, as they have different benefits! Have you heard of a deep tissue massage therapy, though? This is another common option, though not a lot of people are really familiar with what this kind of massage does.

If you’re looking into getting a quality massage to soothe pain and stumbled upon the deep tissue massage therapy, read on! I’ll be showing you how deep tissue massage helps chronic pain.

What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Before we get into the benefits of a deep tissue massage, let’s first tackle what kind of massage this is first!

This is a type of massage therapy which applied deeper and targeted pressure as compared to other classic relaxation therapies. This type of massage offers more pressure, focusing on painful tissues that are known as knots.

Your masseuse or massage therapies will use their knuckles, thimbles, elbows, and/or forearms, putting in slow and firm strokes. Through these types of strokes and targeted-pressure, it will help reduce pain and increase blood circulation.

It may hurt a bit, especially during your first time having a deep tissue massage (I call it a “good” kind of hurt!), though it will be able to help with chronic pain in the long run. I’ll explain how in the next section.

How Deep Tissue Massage Helps Chronic Pain

Now that you’re familiar with what a deep tissue massage is, what are its benefits and how does it help with chronic pain?

It might seem counteractive to put that much pressure on muscle tension and knots, though doing so can actually help release the tension and straighten out these knots, which will have you feeling better after the massage.

With these of warm oils and direct pressure, it will relax the top layer of muscles, then reaching the deeper layers of your muscle tissue. The pressure will then be directed at your body’s adhesions in the muscles and ligaments, which are the ones that cause pain and inflammation.

Through “smoothing” these adhesions out with pressure, it will then help remove strain and chronic pain from where it hurts the most.

Deep tissue massages don’t only reduce chronic pain, though. These types of massages are beneficial in a lot of other ways, such as:

Reduces lower back pain and postural problems

Increases your mobility, especially with injured body parts

Helps with recovery after a workout

Reduces muscle tension or spasms

Great for recovery from injuries

Can be used as therapy for different conditions such as osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, or sciatica

What to Expect In a Deep Tissue Massage

Expect it to hurt or at least feel a bit of discomfort during the massage itself. While this is normal, there is a limit to how much you can take, which is why it’s essential to talk with your masseuse in case things get too painful, so they can adjust to your pain tolerance.

After a day or two of the massage, the discomfort will subside and you’ll be able to experience relaxed muscles. Though you should be realistic in the results! A long time with chronic pain won’t be healed in just an hour. It will take not only a few more massages, but also practicing a good lifestyle with proper posture, better exercise, and an anti-inflammatory diet.

Finding a Good Masseuse for Deep Tissue Massage

It’s imperative that you only get a deep tissue massage from an experienced masseuse or massage therapist. To do so, it’s best to search online for recommendations, whether you’re looking for a massage in Sutherland or anywhere else! You’ll be able to find information on spas, from their opening hours down to their experience. It’s a plus to find positive reviews from real clients, too!

Another way to look for a skilled masseuse is by asking trusted contact like family and friends to recommend spas around town. Also, consider your budget for a massage, as you may require more of these in the long run (but NOT daily!).

Wrapping It Up

While there are a ton of massages with excellent benefits, deep tissue massage therapy is one of the best when it comes to soothing chronic pain. From relieving tension to relaxing your muscles and mind, you’ll be out of the spa feeling much better than before. Just make sure that you choose one that has a great experience and skilled masseuses!

Hopefully, this article answers four questions on how deep tissue massage helps chronic pain. So what are you waiting for? Check out different spas that offer this type of massage now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences when having a deep tissue massage, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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