1 Week Diet System By Brian Flatt New Way To Lose Weight in 2019

1 Week Diet System By Brian Flatt New Way To Lose Weight in 2019
1 Week Diet System By Brian Flatt New Way To Lose Weight in 2019

Brian Flatt Developer Of The 1 Week Diet System has been a well-known personal trainer and recognized expert in the field of weight loss for many years now. He’s worked with thousands of clients at his gym and tens of thousands have used his scientifically proven weight loss programs.

These programs, including the celebrated 3 Week Diet and the 2 Week Diet Now have introduced hundreds of thousands of Americans to a new way of looking at weight gain and weight loss. Unlike many so-called fitness and weight loss magic bullet programs, Flatt’s systems are based on natural bio-chemistry and use the body’s own cycles to reduce stored fat cells.


“There really is no magic bullet in the fitness world,” Flatt explains, “No pill, workout, diet or surgery that magically turns a person into a Greek god overnight. Yet when you actually figure out how the body works to store fat, you can reverse engineer these processes and get them to work in the other direction.”

In his new program, The 1 Week Diet, Flatt continues his run of successes with an even simpler system based on the experience and discovery of his grandfather, Graham back in World War 2. Graham Flatt was shot down over Okinawa and lived with an extremely healthy and long lived Japanese family. There they introduced him to a simple but incredibly powerful way of looking at how to eat and work in harmony with the body.

“When I began to test granddad’s information,” Flatt continues, “I found it to be sound and very effective. I’ve seen over and over again how folks using the 1 Week Diet system are dropping a pound a day… safely and without dramatically changing their lifestyle.”

Flatt is passionate about his mission to help reverse the rampant obesity problem in the U.S. and abroad. When you consider that according to the Centers for Disease Control, 70% of Americans over the age of 21 are overweight and nearly a third of these are obese… the trends are staggering and gloomy to say the least.

“Something has to be done,” Flatt comments, “People are being fed all sorts of misleading information which is fueling a $60 billion weight loss industry in this country alone. People need to learn the truth without having to spend huge sums of money on programs and equipment that don’t work.”

In the 1 Week Diet System, a program that Flatt offers with a no-risk money back guarantee, he explains about the myths commonly perpetuated about fitness and weight loss today. He shows users how they can drop a pound a day simply by making small adjustments in their daily habits. Adjustments that don’t involve odd foods, starving themselves, spending hours at the gym or grinding their knees down with endless running.

The 1 Week Diet program is simple and is based on ancient Japanese wisdom that’s made that part of the world the healthiest and longest lived for generations upon generations. Further, this simple knowledge has been tested and shown to be in harmony with our understanding of human bio-chemistry.

To learn more, Click this link and watch’s free 1 Week Diet video.