Essential Barbecue Safety Tips You Need To Know

Essential Barbecue Safety Tips You Need To Know
Essential Barbecue Safety Tips You Need To Know

The barbecue is not just a way of cooking, it is a way of life for South Africans. A big braai is the perfect way of celebrating with friends and family. No Heritage Day is complete without lamb chops and some classic beef boerewors. Did you know the record number of people cooking simultaneously at a Heritage Day braai is almost 3,000! That’s a lot of wors. Keeping your braai safe though is extremely important as barbecues can be dangerous. 

Where to put your grill 

Setting up your grill is key to keeping yourself and your guests safe. Never put the grill too near the house – particularly not on a wooden deck, and pay attention to the wind direction if you are concerned about smoke drifting. Ten feet is a safe distance away from the home to place your grill. You should also never put the grill under low trees, or the eaves of the house, in case there are sparks from the fire. Your grill should be placed so that it is stable, flat and unlikely to move. If your grill has wheels, put a couple of wedges underneath, to ensure that it’s not going to roll anywhere. 

Keeping your grill clean

Keeping your grill free from accumulated grease is essential if you want to prevent fire, or bursts of flames that are uncontrollable. It will also help your food to taste amazing. You should use a good barbecue cleaner on the grate, but also both top and bottom covers of your grill. Leftover grease is extremely flammable, and hazardous. Don’t forget to also clean your grill brushes and tools, as these can accumulate grease as they’re used. Along with grease, the barbecue will also harbor bacteria if it’s not cleaned properly. Nobody wants to go home from the braai with a case of food poisoning

Dress for the occasion

We’re not talking about putting on your best party gear to cook in. If you are grilling, you should wear clothes that are right for the job – this means no long sleeves. Put on an apron, to catch any flecks of oil and grease, and if you have long hair, tie this back securely and wear a cap or hat. 

Finally, don’t forget to keep a fire extinguisher to hand if you’re grilling. Preparing your braai safely means that you can relax and have a great time with your friends and family.

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