13 Hair Color 2019 Trends To Give New Look To The Hairs


Planning to color your hair this year? Then, have a look at the trends of Hair Color 2019 that Fashionterest has brought for you in this article. You can go with any hair color trend that you prefer and we ensure you will look simply amazing in it.

Let us have a look at the different hair color trends.

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Coral Hairs

The coral hairs seem to be a trendsetter when it comes to hair color 2019. This color mainly sets with blond hairs or light colored hairs. The best thing of this hair color is that it suits anyone with any skin complexion and also in any hair cut or size.

Grey Color

Grey Strobes is one of the most popular techniques nowadays that everyone loves to have these days. The color highlight is done in those areas where the natural light basically hits. This highlight can be of different colors but the grey blond color looks the best. The best part is that it will suit anyone so just get it for your hair.

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Burgundy Color

This Burgundy hair color highlight is evergreen and it looks great on almost everyone irrespective of the age and skin complexion. It appears brighter when you go in the area full of sunlight or under any bright light. Many famous female celebrities have tried out this hair color trend so you must also try it out to look gorgeous wherever you go.  

Two-Toned Marigold Ombre

This hair color highlight looks great on anyone especially the girls with dusky skin tone. It looks pretty good on girls with slightly longer hairs. Go to any party with this hair highlight and you will definitely be the star attraction!

For getting this kind of hair highlight, you need to get the hair bleached from the end portion and you need to get dark brown hairs at the root portion. You will also get the blond yellowish color at the end of the hair which would make the hair highlight complete.

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Brunette Blonde Hairs

It is a mixed blond color that appears as a golden highlight in the hair. It would definitely make you look elegant and gorgeous wherever you go. It suits any hair type, size, texture, and cut. For achieving this perfect blonde color, you need to get your hair colored in dark brown color and then you need to get the upper parts of the hair highlighted in the dark blonde or golden color.

Two-Toned Brown To Blonde

This hair color trend is generally preferred by the females with white complexion but it suits anyone with any hair type, cut and complexion. You will definitely look beautiful and elegant with this hair color highlight.

The hair color of the root is dark brown in this hair highlight. As you come down towards the end of the hair, the longer the color would get lighter. The hair color would have the blonde color at the end.

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Dark Red

Have you seen anyone having the red color highlight on their hair? It simply looks amazing. It can literally make you look younger than what you are. The red color looks great on anyone with any skin complexion. If you want to have a perfect shade of the red color then it is good to bleach the hair first for getting the top of the color.

Golden Blonde

The golden blonde color looks great in fairer skin tone although it looks gorgeous on darker skin tones as well. For getting this, you would need to have your hair bleached and then get the golden color all over it. For making the hair color more prominent, you can have slightly darker brownish highlights in the length.

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Burnt Orange

In a mood to do a little experiment with your hair color? Then, the orange color is the one that you can go for. You will still look classy as well as elegant with this color. The roots of the hair will appear slightly darker than the rest of the hair. You will see a beautiful orange tone as you move towards the length.

Perfect Light Brown

If you want to change the color of the hair but still want to look modest then this is the perfect color that you can have. This color highlight flatters every one no matter what the skin tone is or no matter what the hair type is. You have to get your hair either colored in a light blonde color or bleach them and apply the color all over your hair for looking great. This color is having a slight orange tinge on it.

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Greenish Blue With Grey Reflexes

This hair color is definitely not the regular one like others. It also looks the best in light skin tone. First, get your hair bleached and then apply the greenish blue color all over your hair. Try to fade the color away as you move towards the length.

Purple Color

Purple is another dark color just like red that suits people of any complexion. Wear a purple attire after you color your hair purple and you will look just awesome. Many female celebrities have also tried out the purple hair color and believe us they look stunning with it.

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Pink to Blonde

This hair color is a mixture of pink and blonde color. This hair color trend will surely look rocking in 2019 so if you are planning to get a new hair color this year then must go for this one. Go to any party or attend any special occasion with this hair color and everyone will be attracted to you for sure.

For having this hair color, you have to get your hair bleached first and then color your hair grey and add pink and golden highlights to it.

So, here was the different trend for Hair Color 2019. Select the hair color trend that you think will suit your personality in the best manner and just get it done.

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