Your Second And Third Foreign Languages. What Can You Start Studying After English?

Your Second And Third Foreign Languages. What Can You Start Studying After English?
Your Second And Third Foreign Languages. What Can You Start Studying After English?

Once you have learnt English, you realize that there are numerous opportunities to learn new languages and the Greek alphabet is not your only option. Well, learning a second and third language has numerous advantages which include increased employment opportunities from international companies and an opportunity to meet and interact with people from entirely different cultures.

Today, most graduates agree that foreign tongues are one of the most essential courses they took while in college. Therefore, learning a second and third language is worth your time.

Now that you know the many advantages that you can get, the issue is which language to choose. Here is a list of some of the best languages to learn in 2018.



Recently Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he was learning Mandarin. Most people did not find it surprising because his wife is Chinese. Mandarin is also one of the easy languages to learn.

However, China is a great economic power-country. It is even taking over the US in investments to Africa and other third world countries. There are therefore substantial market opportunities in China. While the Chinese have made an effort to learn the western cultures, foreign partners are not making similar efforts. This makes life difficult for those who want to find work in China. It is good that there are resume writers who can help you make a good resume.

Those who do take the extra step have new, better opportunities open up for them. It will help your business if you step out and make genuine efforts to understand the language. The Chinese are unbelievably appreciative of such efforts and will reward you with great discounts.

As China continues to dive deeper into the global market, Mandarin will become increasingly present and necessary to learn.


Spanish is the world’s second most popular language with more than 33 million people speaking it. If you love travelling, this is a language that will allow you to feel free going to numerous destinations. It is considered one of the most useful languages to learn. The great thing about travelling to areas whose languages you are familiar with, you get access to their interior and secret places that are generally not visited by tourists. If you want to explore and know more about the local people, it is critical that you learn more phrases than just the greetings. That way, simple things like menus and directions will not be difficult for you to understand. Learn all the words you can in Spanish.

In the business context, knowing Spanish allows you to expand your business into territories that you would not be comfortable in.


Did you know that Arabic is the official language in more than 20 countries? It also ranks 5th among the most spoken native languages in the world. Numerous organizations consider Arabic their official language.

If you are working online, there are numerous Arabic online translators and transcribers needed which will help improve your skills and make them better. You could also get a job as an interpreter or a consultant. There are only a few FBI agents who know Arabic, and most of them only know a few words. Since there is a growth of eager customers in the Middle East, so you have an excellent opportunity to expand your business into markets that are unexplored by your competition.


Choosing a great language to learn should not be tough. Remember that it is not only great for your business, it will also make your vacations more fun. Therefore find out what is the easiest language to learn for you and start studying. As a parent having a range of foreign tongues under your belt ensures that your children will be multilingual and will, therefore, have more opportunities to grow both individually and professionally in their businesses. It does not have to be tough to learn a language.