The Dream Act

The Dream Act
The Dream Act

Each year many students graduate from different educational facilities in the United States of America. The vast majority of them will be celebrating their success and live as legal residents on the US territory. However, those graduates whose parents came to the country illegally do not get the same opportunity. The reason is that they inherit from their parents the status of illegal immigrants. These people began to live in this country from their childhood and have the strong desire to be official residents of the United States. Fortunately for them, American legislation developed the Dream Act that can approve their desire. This bill would provide the opportunity to get the legal status under the condition of completion of two years of military service or a college degree for qualified undocumented youth. Despite the fact that supporters of this bill predict the different economic and social benefits for the American population, this Dream Act should not be allowed as it only encourages the intense flow of unqualified illegal immigrants into the country and makes them feel unpunished.

The Dream Act gives the opportunity for parents who came to the United States illegally provide the legal citizenship for their children. The main reason why undocumented immigrants crossed the board of the US illegally is to create a better life conditions for their family members. This is the understandable reason, but it is not the point to break the law. In turn, the Dream Act will provide the unauthorized workers with permission to get for their children the green card and all benefits that the American government has to offer. Thus, this bill will satisfy the parents with illegal status as it would implement their primary object. It will make them think that breaking the American law is the right thing to do.

The main reason why the Dream Act should not be legalized by the government is that it will only increase the total flow of illegal immigrants into the country. The current number of illegal immigrants already reached eleven millions. “11.1 is the ballpark estimate of how many people are living in the U.S. without legal permission” (Hallowell). It is the great amount of people that came to the US illegally and feel safe on its territory. The right to benefit from the Dream Act will encourage more people to enter the country illegally because more parents would like to bring their children under the conditions of this bill. It will make very easy for illegal immigrants to evade the law. The federal authority will be prohibited to deport the undocumented immigrants after the filing the applications. Such law can bring the flow of unskillful workers and people who are related to criminals. It will be the disadvantage for the American society which does not want to face such a situation, and it will be advantage for illegal aliens who are ready to break the law. It is not the right thing to reward their illegal behavior.

Illegal immigrants are not only people who are not welcomed by the Americans, but they are also not welcomed by people who want to come to the US from different countries legally. It is not unfair to those immigrants who want to enter the United States legally. There are plenty of people who are ready to come through the legal process and get permission to enter the country with the status of legal immigrant. However, the Dream Act may discourage the legal immigrants to pass through legal procedures and wait until they get the official permission. For some of them, it would be easier to use the right of this law. Eventually, it may undermine the respect of all the citizens towards the current immigration legislation and increase the confrontation between legal and illegal residents of the country.

One of the main arguments of people who support the Dream Act is that it will bring more future taxpayers for the country. However, there is a potential danger that this bill will make a job market, which is in the difficult position, even worse. The granting amnesty to eleven millions of illegal immigrants will create difficult conditions for unemployed workers. Americans who do not have the job are not ready to compete with millions of illegal immigrants that will get the Dream Act amnesty. It may also break the balance in budget on the federal and state level. “The Dream Act not only undermines economic opportunities for Americans, it also makes it less likely that either state governments or the federal governments will bring their budgets into balance” (King). The other unpleasant evidence for Americans is that this bill will cost for local and state taxpayers more money due to the condition that local community colleges will have to grant illegal immigrants in-state tuition discounts. It means that Americans will be forced to pay higher tuition rates and taxes.

The strong supporters of the Dream Act claim that it is the wrong policy to leave children of the illegal immigrants without education. They consider that it is the American government responsibilities to provide the educational opportunity rather than punish them for illegal actions of their parents. However, it does not mean that the United States should reward them and offer all necessary conditions for their prosperity. “The message it sends is that if you violate U.S. immigration law, American society is responsible for fixing the mess you created for your kids” (Mehlman). On the contrary, it is necessary to work on the law that would encourage people to come to the country legally.

The Dream Act is the change in American legislation that will bring economic and social difficulties to the country. It is the unjust bill for those who are ready to sacrifice their time and money in order to come to the US with legal status. It is also unjust law for honest taxpayers who will be forced to pay more taxes in order to allow illegal allies to enter the country and break the law. The American government should reject the Dream Act bill in order to save the current immigration policy and do not undermine the respect of legal citizens.

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