What Russian liberals want Joseph Biden to do when he takes office as POTUS

What Russian liberals want Joseph Biden to do when he takes office as POTUS

US-based Time magazine has recently published a curious article about the hopes that the Russian opposition pins on Joseph Biden. After Biden steps into the White House, a new era will begin, which will finally open the way for Russia to democracy, the article says. At least, this is how the opposition sees the future of Russia.

When Biden takes office

“When Biden enters the White House in January, Russia’s embattled opposition figures want the U.S. President to more forcefully confront the Putin regime with more rigorous and widespread sanctions in order to help them rebuild democracy in Russia,” the article says.

Who are these “embattled opposition figure”? Of course, it goes about Alexey Navalny, although he does not comment. The article only says that he congratulated Biden on his victory. Well, the author of the article noted that the Democratic candidate, unlike Trump, condemned the “poisoning” of Navalny.

Another “opposition leader”, activist of the Russian democratic movement Vladimir Kara-Murza was obviously delighted to talk to Time. Having stated that “it is only Russians who can bring democracy to Russia,” he immediately gets down to business:

“But the president must stop legitimizing and enabling [a] Putin regime that flouts and violates democratic norms. Frankly, it’s something no U.S. president in 20 years of Putin’s power has done.”

According to Vladimir Kara-Murza , neither George W. Bush nor even Barack Obama (there is nothing to say about Donald Trump here) “have not done anything like this.” Therefore, Joseph Biden is our white hope.

Vladimir Ashurkov, a colleague of Alexei Navalny, also appears among the commentators. He currently resides in the UK. In 2014, he was put on the federal wanted list in Russia in connection with financial fraud for Alexei Navalny’s campaign when he was running for the Mayor of Moscow. This does not stop Mr. Ashurkov from giving advice on how Joe Biden should build his policy in relation to Russia, namely to introduce personal sanctions and struggle against the penetration of “corrupt Russian money into the West.”

“The most important aspect of U.S. foreign policy as it relates to Russia is the restoration of the U.S. as a global power promoting democracy and human rights, and strengthening Transatlantic relations through NATO,” Vladimir Ashurkov said.

What do the “Transatlantic relations through NATO” have to do with democracy in Russia? To crown it all, it is an open secret how the United States can promote democracy.

Nothing changes

William Browder also appears in the above-mentioned article, even though we are clueless as to how this person can relate to democracy in Russia. He is, however, related to the so-called Magnitsky Act, which the article refers to as another instrument of sanctions.

It is amazing how nothing changes. It is amazing that the people who have absolutely no influence on life in Russia can still talk about the future of the country that they do not even share. In Russia, their support is limited to just a few percent, which is far from being enough to obtain a noticeable number of votes in elections.

Nevertheless, those people call for sanctions against the state, in which their future plans can only be verbal. At the same time, those people do not seem to care at all about what the Russian people think about their comments. After all, it is representatives of liberal parties that have consistently supported sanctions against Russia over the past few years.

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