Necessity to support the Free Iran rally in Paris on February 8, 2019

By Masoud Dalvand

Necessity to support the Free Iran rally in Paris on February 8, 2019
Necessity to support the Free Iran rally in Paris on February 8, 2019

With the beginning and spread nationwide protests that began in December 2017 and January 2018 in more than 140 large and small cities of Iran, during the past year, throughout the country, the uprisings and protests and strikes of various classes included Workers, farmers, students, teachers, employees and other strata of the people have continued.

The role of Iranian resistance and its central force in organizing and expanding these protests has become apparent, as it now sees the activities of MEK/PMOI‘s resistance units in cities all over Iran.

This revolutionary situation in Iran has caused the horror of the dictatorial regime of corrupt and criminal mullahs. One of the horrific acts of the regime, in response to the spread of protests and the role of the PMOI in these protests, was the launch of a demonizing campaign against the MEK/PMOI in some foreign media. Providing fake news and articles on websites like the Guardian or Al Jazeera TV belonging to the Qatari rulers or the British Channel 4 of this type.

Of course, the disgrace of propaganda and the dissemination of fake news and articles in the SPIEGEL GATEcase became apparent to public opinion in the world.

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Masoud Dalvand
Is Spiegelgate the Western Press’ Worst Scandal? #Iran #FakeNews #MEK #IranRegimeChange #IranProtests #FreeIran @VidalQuadras … via @Masoud_Dalvand2

In addition to the demonization of the regime against the resistance of Iran and the MEK/PMOI, the regime has been its main weapon, which during its 4 decades of disgraceful life has always been against the opposition and the citizens of other countries from the Middle East to South America and from Asia to Europe: Terrorism!

Hundreds of terrorist operations have been carried out by the regime against the Iranian resistance over the past years, but what has characterized this terrorist operation over the past year in relation to other terrorist activities of the Iranian regime is the design and commissioning of terrorist operations on European soil with all facilities and using embassies and so-called “diplomats”.

The discovery of a terrorist plot The regime’s bombing against a gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Paris on July 9, 2018, which was followed by the terrorist named Asadullah Asadi, the terrorist diplomat of the regime, who was a member of the mullahs embassy in Vienna, and who was arrested at the time of the delivery of the bomb to two Iranian intelligence(MOIS) mercenaries in Belgium. It was a terrorist in Europe that involved the countries of Germany and France, Belgium and Austria.

The MOIS & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of are the ones who are at the top of the activities in the & .We are not looking at a rogue operation:this is a systematic chain of command 4 the terror operations @SecPompeo

Also, the regime’s terrorist acts in Denmark and the Netherlands and the expulsion of its diplomats by Denmark were among other terrorist activities of the regime.

The regime’s terrorist acts in Albania, where several thousand members of the MEK live, was so severe that it eventually led to the expulsion of the Iranian regime’s ambassador and head of the regime’s intelligence station at the Mullahs embassy in Tirana, Albania. They intended to bring Iran’s resistance to the Iranian New Year celebrations in March, which targeted Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president elect of the NCRI and former Mayor of New York and President Tramp’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, with an explosive vehicle.

In such circumstances, it is necessary for all the countries of the world, especially the European countries, which, unfortunately, despite the fact that their soil and the security of its people have always been threatened by bombings and terrorist attacks by mercenaries and agents of the Iranian regime over the past four decades, they have never adopted a decisive policy against this regime.

Once and for all, European countries should shut down all the embassies of this regime, which are the spy nests and designers for the terrorist operations. ٰDiplomatic immunity for terrorism must end. Europe should support and recognize the resistance of Iran as a democratic alternative to the regime.

It’s time for to adopt a policy of decisive action against the ‘s mullahs regime instead of appeasing it. Look at an excellent analysis of this topic. for &  via @Masoud_Dalvand2

Participation in and support for the supporters of the Iranian resistance on February 8, 2019 in Paris and support for the call of Maryam Rajavi to recognize the National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI) is a necessary action by the European nations.

Recognition of the National Council of Resistance of , as the sole democratic alternative to the regime, is imperative to rectifying four decades of appeasement. These are essential steps in facing a regime which only understands the decisive language of force.

By Masoud Dalvand