GEZE Donates 200,000 Trees

GEZE Donates 200,000 Trees
Unter dem Motto ?Spenden statt Schenken? uebergab Brigitte Voester-Alber, geschaeftsfuehrende Gesellschafterin der GEZE GmbH aus Leonberg, am 11. Dezember einen Spendenscheck ueber 200.000 Baeume an die Organisation Plant-for-the-Planet.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, xx February 2020, (AETOSWire) : Under the motto of ‘Donations instead of Gifts’, Brigitte Vöster-Alber, Chief Executive Officer of GEZE GmbH in Leonberg, delivered a donation cheque for 200,000 trees to the organization Plant-for-the-Planet on 11 December 2019. As in recent years, GEZE decided to give its customers a very special gift: contributing to protecting the environment by planting trees. The organization Plant-for-the-Planet plants trees, which helps to break down CO2. Our partners in the Middle East region were honored to receive the special gift and to have the opportunity to protect the environment in association with GEZE.

The donation is a GEZE tradition. The Leonberg business has been a long-time supporter of the Stuttgart children’s hospital ‘Olgäle’ and has also been a sponsor of Plan International since 2013 – GEZE’s 150 year anniversary. Social responsibility, which is firmly anchored in GEZE, also inspired the idea for this year’s donation target. “We wanted to give our customers a very special gift: a good feeling by having trees planted for our customers,” says Brigitte Vöster-Alber.

Social support by reforestation                                                 

Humanity should plant 1000 billion trees all over the world to absorb a quarter of human-made CO2 – Plant-for-the-Planet are getting closer to this target every day, thanks to the GEZE donation. 5500 indigenous trees are planted each day on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, which absorb up to 500 kg CO2 during their lives. The organization also provides social sustainability with long-term employment of forestry workers, above-average social benefits and long-term training and support of children in many countries around the world.

Sustainability and looking to the future at GEZE

At GEZE, sustainability is not just considered at for donation purposes, but also daily within the business. Automatic sliding doors by GEZE, such as ECdrive T2, help to improve energy efficiency in buildings with thermally separated profile systems. GEZE also scores highly in production with sustainable methods. The business received the 2018 Industry Prize for its international automated manufacturing processes with minimum lubrication.

In future, sustainability and looking towards the future will be reinforced as business principles at GEZE. “Sustainability determines our day-to-day activities in all areas – both with regard to our production processes and our products,” says Brigitte Vöster-Alber. “We look forward to many more exciting projects and developments which make both buildings and the world more liveable.”

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