International Companies Target Mid-Segment MENA Healthcare Sector

International Companies Target Mid-Segment MENA Healthcare Sector

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 17 2021 – (AETOSWire):

The healthcare sector within the GCC predominantly caters towards an indigenized-based healthcare system, relying primarily on local healthcare facilities to bridge the gap between premium and mid-care markets, with very few international competitors.

According to Forte Healthcare’s CEO Karan Rekhi, ample opportunities lie within the mid-market care segment, which constitutes almost 30% of the population – a recess in the healthcare industry that international companies can profit off of in the region.

“There is adequate room for international companies to enter the regional market,” states Rekhi, “There is an incredible amount of opportunity as of now.”

“We believe international players operating in the mid-market segment would succeed in the GCC or the MENA region because of the tremendous scope in this niche. International companies, large conglomerates operating businesses worldwide, or other physician-led organisations could enter the market.”

Presently, International Hospital Operations and groups focused in the premium segment now saturate less than 10% of the population. The majority of insurance companies are renegotiating contracts to low to mid-market prices; recently, most of the leading Healthcare operators are premium segment, but also accept lower network cards.

Additional to patient experience and quality maintenance at the same level as mid-market entrants by large physician groups, operators shall make international healthcare affordable and available to the majority of the population, promoting universal preventive healthcare and wellbeing for all.

Opportunities are endless for international companies to break into this gap in the market, ranging from improvements in governance to the already established mid-tier hospitals and clinics, to the creation of new healthcare ventures from the ground up, with the help of Forte Healthcare.

Forte Healthcare is a  healthcare consultancy firm, offering services such as strategic business consultancy, resource planning, operations management, and healthcare investment, to name a few.

Backed by a professional and highly dedicated team with a combined several decades of experience, Forte strives to provide solutions to institutions and clients in areas in which they lack, and constantly push for innovation to deliver better results.