French police officers arrested in Paris over claims they gang-raped Canadian …

Four elite ‘anti-gang’ police officers were under arrest in Paris today after a woman tourist accused them of banding together to rape her.

The alleged attack is said to have taken place at 36 Quai des Orfevres – the famous headquarters of the city’s judicial police next door to the city’s law courts.

A Canadian woman aged 34 said she met the men in an Irish pub just across the Seine River from the building late on Tuesday night.

From Toronto, she got into conversation with the off-duty men because she said she worked for Canadian police in her home city for three years.

‘The evening was a drunken one, and members of the BRI were said to be involved in the attack,’ said a source close to the case.

The BRI is the so-called ‘Research and Intervention Brigade’- an ‘anti-gang’ squad set up by the French Interior ministry to combat organised crime.

The woman is said to have been persuaded to visit the men’s offices in the Quai des Orfevres – an address which is as well known in France as New Scotland Yard is in Britain.

There she was allegedly subjected to a brutal sex act, with all the officers involved, but they have denied any wrong doing.

‘If the facts are true, it is clearly rape, not sexual assault,’ a source told Le Parisien newspaper, adding that ‘It was at the request of the tourist that she went to visit their workplace. However, they deny having any sexual relationship with the woman.’….

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