AXA Insurance Launches AXA Super CritiCare, a Holistic Critical Illness Solution Offering Multiple Payouts and Diabetes Management Support

AXA Insurance Launches AXA Super CritiCare, a Holistic Critical Illness Solution Offering Multiple Payouts and Diabetes Management Support
  • The plan provides first-in-market coverage across all stages of re-diagnosed cancer or recurrent heart attack or stroke.
  • AXA is the only insurer in the market to offer a diabetes management programme to its customers, reinforcing its commitment to be a long-term empowering partner to its customers.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 27 November 2019 – AXA Insurance today announced the launch of AXA Super CritiCare, a critical illness plan designed to provide all-rounded protection including multiple payouts for early, intermediate and advanced stage critical illnesses up to a total of 600% of the coverage amount, as well as support for customers to take control of their health and well-being with a diabetes management programme, which is the only such offering provided by an insurer.

“We are privileged to live in an age where thanks to medical advancements, it is possible to recover from critical illnesses. But many of us are also aware that the possibility of recurring critical illness or being diagnosed with more than one critical illness is very real,” said Sean Goh, Managing Director, Life, AXA Insurance Singapore.

“With AXA Super CritiCare, customers can make claims for more than one type of critical illness regardless of the stage of the condition. We want our customers to be able to focus on recovery, without having to worry about the financial impact of a critical illness when it strikes.”

AXA Super CritiCare is the first plan in the market to offer coverage across all stages of re-diagnosed cancer or recurrent heart attack or stroke. Customers will receive up to 100% of the coverage amount for each claim, not only at the advanced stage of a relapse which is typical of many critical illness plans, but also upon the early and intermediate stage of a relapse.

On top of financial protection, the plan also aims to help customers who are diagnosed with diabetes with critical illness prevention through a complimentary Diabetes Care Programme. Poor control of diabetes can lead to serious complications and the disease is often associated with other conditions, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, that increase the likelihood of critical illnesses.

“Recognising that diabetes is a serious and growing health concern, with the number of diabetics in Singapore expected to more than double from 440,000 in 2014 to one million by 2050[1], we want to contribute to the collective fight against this disease by advocating better diabetes management with our programme. With a well-controlled diabetes condition, we can help our customers reduce their risk of developing health complications that may lead to serious critical illnesses that can endanger their lives. This is in line with our commitment to be a long-term partner to our customers, by empowering them to take control of their health so they can live a better life,” added Goh.

The Diabetes Care Programme, worth S$2,500 a year, provides support in controlling the condition through a 12-month personalised wellness programme to manage diabetes conditions upon diagnosis of diabetes, and can be renewed yearly if one’s condition persists. It comprises six components: personalised consultations, dietary counselling with individualised nutritional plans, a fitness programme, eye screening, foot screening and annual lab tests.

According to the AXA Better Life 2019 study, three in five Singaporeans are not financially prepared for critical illness in the family[2], with one in two attributing it to a lack of disposable income to save. AXA seeks to address this concern with AXA Super CritiCare, which is one of the most affordable plans in the market. It can be purchased as a standalone plan or a rider attached to selected plans with premiums starting from as low as S$3[3]a day.

To eliminate possible disruptions to their critical illness coverage, customers can also choose to enhance their AXA Super CritiCare plan with optional riders to waive future premiums if they or their loved ones face unfortunate events such as a diagnosis of early to advanced stage critical illnesses, or involuntary loss of income.

Building on its partnership with the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) and commitment to support critical illness awareness and prevention, AXA will be donating $10 to SCS for every AXA Super CritiCare policy sold. This is an extension of its on-going donation of $10 for every AXA CritiCare for Her and Him policy sold.

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[2] AXA Better Life Index 2019

[3] Premium is based on the profile of a 30 year old female, non-smoker, for a Sum Assured of S$100,000, Policy Term to age 75 and annual payment. Figure is rounded up to the nearest number.

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