Videos are a must-have in the effective promotion of businesses on social media


Perhaps the most significant of modern day marketing platforms is the use of social media, it is an essential aspect of every business owner’s marketing strategy which they employ to make their business develop more. Your business can be of any type, but by using social media, you will be able to add more flavour to your business and get it to become more popular. In social media, you will get a range of choices for sharing your content which will make your marketing efforts more seamless. A very popular way of sharing your contents on social media is by the sharing of videos. You can turn this sharing of videos into quite a successful promotional strategy for your business. In this article, you will be learning how to use several techniques and essential tips by which you will be able to share your videos for your advantage and promote your business.

  1. The platform of Social Media – The type of video which you need to share will depend quite a lot on the platform of social media which you will be using at the moment. In today’s world, some of the most popular platforms of social media websites are Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. All these platforms will support sharing of video content on them. However, while one can access Facebook from both their desktop and their mobile phones via a specialized app, Twitter and also Instagram are more commonly accessed through their mobile app versions and not from desktop websites. This will mean that when you are sharing videos on Instagram or Twitter, your videos will be required to be shorter, it has to brief, sweet and to the point.

Do not post any video of long duration on Instagram as people generally do not use Instagram for watching videos. This also holds true for Twitter. On Twitter, you will also be required to put up little tweets to accompany the videos you upload along with a link directing to your business website. This tweet will be serving as a type of introduction to the contents which you will want to promote through that video. On Facebook, you will be able to put up videos of longer durations. Also, with the videos, you can write long posts where you will explain everything detail if you want to, about your products. So, for Facebook long videos are okay, but not for Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Aspect Ratios – One of the most critical factors of video contents is its aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is a technical component of the video. You must maintain a medium aspect ratio of 4:3 for those users who will be watching your content on desktops, however, for other users who will be primarily watching your videos on other devices and through mobile apps, the aspect ratio should be different, preferable like 16:9 or 16:10. This can ensure that your video is not looking compressed and stunted when one views them from mobile phones. Thus, you shall have to let there be an option for making your users choose the aspect ratio which they want depending on the device that they are using. Hence you should not be using any one fixed aspect ratio on the video contents that you will be uploading on social media platforms.
  2. Quality is important – Your video quality is also required to be flexible. All of your users may not be having high-speed internet and data plans in there, and additionally, not everyone will be having the requisite internet balance for watching your videos in the high resolution. However, as a prudent business owner, you will have to ensure that these guys are also not missing out on the content you upload despite their stifled internet speed and short data balance. Hence, ensure that users would be able to customize their viewing experience by playing the videos in a variety of different resolutions like 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, etc. The user can then choose to watch the videos on their devices without being worried about finishing up their internet balance or for having bad network coverage slowing their videos down. As a result of this, more and more people will be able to know about your products. This will open up a new market for you.
  3. Content – you shall have to share high-quality content. This cannot be compromised with at any stage of your promotional endeavors. High-quality content will help you to win the trust of the viewer. A viewer should never have the feeling that his or her time is getting wasted by watching the video as this will make them not wanting to visit your page again or ever opening your videos ever. Your content must be relevant to your products. Also, make educational and instructional videos. Informational videos are quite popular with viewers and are extensively used for product promotion.
  4. Duration of your videos – The duration of your videos will be depended upon the platform you in which you will be uploading the video. In Instagram and Twitter, you should upload shorter videos which are between 20 and 30 seconds. Short videos tend to get viewed more often and by more people than longer videos. On Facebook, you can upload videos which are up to four or five minutes long. Upload at least two videos daily that make two video posts every day across all your social media profiles.

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Wrapping things up

Sharing video content is one of the most critical aspects of social media marketing. It can spread more information and awareness about your company and products. Upload videos across all social platforms, the videos must be related to the products you sell. The videos should be of short duration and informative in nature.

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