Top Notch 7 Powerful platforms to build a Chatbot

Top Notch 7 Powerful platforms to build a Chatbot

These days there is increased use of chatbots that is also opening the developer platform and exploring the possibilities through the applications. There are plenty of chatbot development platforms that are also helping the businesses perform better with the right channel for the advancement of the sales, improvement of the customer service, in addition to the leads, and more than that.

This article will come to know about the best platforms for building a Chatbot.

  1. Wotnot

This is the best quality chatbot development platform that will help build intelligent chatbots. It also comes with every bit of the range of the conversation and marketing solutions spanning many industries. This is applicable in the form of a low code developer that will give you access to easily building bots using the Drag and drop interface. 

You can use it for working from scratch or use any of the pre-existing templates for quickly customizing. This tool has the chatbot to human handover feature-based solution that allows a human agent for participating in the conversation. It also supports multiple channels, from websites, WhatsApp, Messenger, and SMS to mobile applications.

  1. Intercom

It comes with a range of products applicable in the customer support space. It can give you custom chatbots for different users around the sales, support, and marketing integrated with E-commerce and other social platforms. It also comes with live chat options. It can give you the perfect integration with the conversations from social media channels into the CRM.

  1. Drift Chatbot

It had the primary start in the live chat space and then got into the chatbot field. It comes with incredible features and is also specific to the chatbot that can help in booking the meetings for the sales teams. The remarkable part is that it helps engage people immediately on the website and make it more likely for interested people to share the information they hold. With that, you can get the availability of the range of integrations and real-time conversations.

  1. Flow XO

The chatbot platform can work in the form of an easy-to-use and visual editor based tool. It also comes with the ability to build the bots for many platforms compared to many other platforms where you have to build the bot again. It is better and will give you the Pre-build templates right at your fingertips. Though it is limited to the number of conversations, the quality is one of the best.

  1. Chatfuel

The application will be helping people who aren’t familiar with Coding. It also allows the creation of multiple bots and helps create the content. The developer platform automatically starts sharing them and can work to collect information in the form of Messenger chats and allow users to request information while interacting with the buttons.

  1. Manychat

This is the platform that can help build and deploy Messenger for use in sales marketing and customer service. With it, you will benefit from also getting the broadcast content for subscribers related to Facebook. It can help in Facebook marketing and engagement with the audience. It can work in the form of a drop bot builder. Broadcasting and better engagement is its specialty.

  1. Botsify

This is a platform that will be giving easy to use a type of chatbot builder interface. That said, it will help create bots for the website, messenger, and other platforms. It can also come with an easy to use template. It can seamlessly integrate the chat from the bots to the human agent. You can get multichannel support by creating the conversation of all forms.

Final Words

With the above-mentioned platforms to build a Chatbot, you can get the opportunity to design the bot quickly without the requirement of any coding. They can also get engagement and work proactively by starting a conversation.