Top 5 Amazing Games in This 2020

Top 5 Amazing Games in This 2020

This 2020 began with a boom and now most people are at home, playing different types of games. Today we are here to tell you which are the top 5 amazing games. There are many games that you can play but as of now one of the most easily available games is the Minesweeper. We will teach you how to play Minesweeper and win easily. While we tell you about games, we would like to ask you do you know how to host on twitch? If not then you will also get the guide below.

Let us begin with the list of the games of 2020, especially now that we have some free time, games are very important. If you are an ardent game player then you must be knowing that last year some of the games became very famous. According to the recent reviews, we have shortlisted 5 top amazing games in 2020.

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizo

This game was supposed to be released in 2019, but the creator Nintendo probably needed some more time to set everything alright. Now, when the game is out, it seems that the anticipation created by Nintendo was much more worthy than we hoped it to be. It has been quite some time now that we have not had any such animal game for quite long now. This game has also brought in many new features with itself, like a mobile spinoff, a pocket camp, also a crafting system. Something really unique about this game is it will adjust to the dynamic weather condition in which you are currently.

2. Bleeding Edge

This would a really fun game for kids with all ninja techniques for real. It is the first Xbox with multiple numbers of players playing together. Melle brawler and multiple players that is what the Bleeding Edge is famous for. The game seems to be a holy union between its hero and the brawler. The marriage of both will make a great game to be seen and enjoyed in the future.

3. Carrion

This is another very famous and interesting game. Have you watched “The Thing”? Many while watching “The Thing” have wished if they could play the whole game being an alien shapeshifter. This is roughly all about Carrion. Here you will have a formless being and it will try to escape from here and there and everywhere. It is a reverse horror game. You will also be able to punish it’s doom captors all along. This game also helps you to make your own monster and give it powers that you want your monster to have.

4. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games of 2019-2020 and this fact was true even before anyone knew that this game was going to come out. This game has been developed by a group of critically acclaimed ones who aims and confirms it to be one of the largest, deepest and very intense game.

5. Dark Alliance

Now, this is the 5th top-rated game of 2020 but has received unimaginable love from the audience after it was released. It is very famous for its co-op for its gameplay and mythology. The 2020 version might not have all of the old characters but many of them are the same.


Here we have brought you the list of the top five amazing games in 2020. You can download them and try to play them. Now that you have more time. You will be able to enjoy more games. If you liked this article then please let us know what you think.