Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV Line-up Named Best-In-Class by Global Media Outlets

Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV Line-up Named Best-In-Class by Global Media Outlets
Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV Line-up Named Best-In-Class by Global Media Outlets

Samsung’s 2020 TV line-up has already made its mark on the industry, receiving recognition from leading industry media through accolades for leading device and feature innovation.

At this year’s CES, Samsung unveiled their very latest QLED 8K and 4K line-up, new TVs that combine cutting-edge picture and sound innovations with premium designs to offer users unparalleled new viewing experiences. Several leading consumer technology publications in the U.S. and the U.K have subsequently awarded Samsung’s latest QLED 8K and 4K line-ups with some of their top distinctions, highlighting the TVs’ stand-out picture quality, sound enhancements and design innovations.

Read on for some of the award-winning TVs and their best-in-class features.

Award-Winning Advancements

Samsung’s QLED 8K Q950TS/Q900T received high praise from Forbes for its picture quality and design, with the outlet highlighting how the TV’s upscaling technology produced a sense of depth, texture and detail – for example of tiny figures walking down a distant street – to singular effect. The Q950TS was also awarded the ‘Best in Class’ distinction by U.K. outlet AV Forums. AV Forums applauded the Q950TS’ new ‘Infinity’ design, which features minimised borders at the edge of the display and is only 15mm deep, and praised the device as “an impressively specified 8K TV that boasts a host of high-end features.”

The QLED 8K Q800T received both a five-star review and the Editor’s Choice Award from U.S. outlets HD Guru and Tech Aeris respectively. HD Guru praised the Q800T, along with the rest of Samsung’s 8K TV line-up, for their best-in-class image and sound processing systems, noting that the greater pixel density provided by the Q800T’s 8K delivers accurate colour reproduction, 100% colour volume and overall HDR performance, even for images with fine shadow detail. Tech Aeris cited the device’s design aesthetic as its winning feature, praising that, with the bezels at a thinner footprint than ever before, “it really does make this QLED TV look as if it’s floating in front of you.”

The QLED 4K Q90T has become one of U.S. outlet AVS Forums’ ‘Top Choice 2020’ by merit of its 4K display’s versatility and performance, citing its refined technologies, such as the TV’s sharpening algorithms and their ability to effectively bring out texture and detail, as offering the best 4K QLED performance yet.

A Bright Future

“Our 2020 QLED 8K and 4K TV line-ups bring together Samsung’s industry-leading picture quality, cutting-edge design and dynamic sound experiences,” noted Nivash Ramsern, Head: Visual Display at Samsung South Africa. “These awards and distinctions underpin our relentless commitment to delivering advanced breakthroughs for consumers that are as useful as they are innovative.”

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