Popular Samsung OMO Wash Days Promotion Returns in Time for Winter with Free* Washes

Samsung Wash Days campaign, powered by OMO
Samsung Wash Days campaign, powered by OMO.

There is no better time to keep your laundry hygienically clean and fresh.

Whether or not you’re a fan of cold winds, misty midday chills and rainy evenings, the fact of the matter is that the warm and welcoming weather of the last few months has bid us goodbye. This is also a time when we use our washing machines far more than usual, from those oversized jackets to multiple layers of clothing. And with the flu season in full swing, there is also a greater need to keep our clothing hygienic to stop germs from spreading. Fortunately, these are considerations already factored into the design of Samsung appliances. And now, many will also be pleased to hear that Samsung Wash Days are back. The longstanding, successful partnership between Samsung laundry appliances and OMO auto liquid has been designed to provide a highly efficient, stress-free laundry experience. Samsung has once again partnered with Unilever to bring South Africans the Samsung Wash Days campaign, powered by OMO. Customers purchasing a Samsung AddWash™, Ecobubble™ or Activ DualWash™ Washing machines will qualify for an OMO Wash Days for up to 180 Free Washes from participating stores.

“The combination of innovative technology in Samsung’s washing machines and OMO’s trusted performance is a perfect match for any laundry day. With this campaign, we’re also building on our mission to give customers peace of mind that with Samsung appliances, keeping everyday items cleaner is a breeze, “said Cambridge Mokanyane, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung South Africa.

With the Wash Days campaign, Samsung is partnering with a brand also committed to enhanced hygiene and cleaning performance. The washing machines applicable to the Samsung Wash Days campaign are:

•Get 180 Free Washes* with every AddWash™ purchase

About AddWash – Forgot a shirt? Add Wash lets you simply and quickly add forgotten clothes after your cycle has already started. You can also easily pop in hand-washed clothes that you just want to rinse or spin dry.

•Get 140 Free washes* with every EcoBubble™ purchase

About EcoBubble – Samsung EcoBubble™ technology froths detergent with air and water, generating cleansing bubbles that penetrate fabrics and remove dirt up to 40x** faster than conventional dissolved detergent. Wash clothes as effectively in cool water as you would in warm water, saving energy up to 70%***

•Get 120 Free washes* with every Activ DualWash™ purchase

About Activ Dualwash™ – Add a sink to your laundry room for all your stain removal and pre-washing needs. Simply lift the sink to let items fall into the washer.

Customers need to buy selected Samsung washing machines, from 1 July to 31 August 2020 to be eligible for the OMO hamper*.

To celebrate the return of Samsung Wash Days with OMO, here are a few simple washing tips:

Washing your laundry at a low 30°C takes less of a toll on your clothes and allows your household to be more environmentally friendly. With Winter temperatures on our mind here are a few ways temperature makes a difference:

•The temperature on the care label refers to the highest temperature the item can be washed at without being damaged, but you can wash it at a lower temperature to save electricity.
•Grass, food or grease stain? Instead of wasting energy washing a stubbornly stained garment twice, wash the item at the highest temperature indicated on the care label, along with other items that can handle this heat.
•Always wash dark clothes separately, even when washing at a low temperature.
•Always do a full load of laundry to be as energy-efficient as possible. Group garments together that can be washed using the same cycle. Don’t overload the machine either, as this may lead to the clothes not being washed properly.
•Use the highest spin the items can handle if your machine has a separate spin selector. This will mean less drying time needed.
•Unpleasant smells are caused by bacteria growing on fabrics that have been lying in a bundle while wet for an extended period of time.
•BONUS WINTER TIP: If one family member has a cold, wash their items separately at the highest temperature on the care label using OMO. This will help kill germs and prevent the infection from spreading.

*Terms and conditions apply

**Based on Springboard test report of Samsung Ecobubble vs conventional dissolving detergent

** *Based on VDE test report of Samsung Conventional Cotton 40 °C vs EcoWash 15 °C