New-age tech and progressive car batteries, the power couple

New-age tech and progressive car batteries, the power couple
New-age tech and progressive car batteries, the power couple

Global car manufacturers have been in a race to equip their vehicles with technology that uses artificial intelligence, connectivity and the convenience of controlling certain functions with your smartphone.

Systems such as Apple’s Siri and Google’s Android, have changed the way people interact while driving, all while increasing safety and connectivity for drivers. However, the introduction of systems such as Start/Stop technology and personal assistants place an additional strain on the car battery, and raises the question, are batteries keeping up?1

Constant research and innovation

When Start/Stop technology was first introduced, battery manufacturers developed batteries powerful enough to maintain this eco-friendly technology. The same approach is being used for new vehicles equipped with personal assistants, battery manufacturers are adapting and staying ahead of the curve by introducing a modern version of the dependable Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery that can withstand the demands of modern cars and their onboard assistants.

Multiple batteries

Due to the energy-hungry nature of some innovations, vehicle manufacturers have opted to place more than one battery in high-end vehicles. The primary battery powers the engine and its components, while the secondary battery (generally lithium-ion), powers onboard systems such as personal assistants, onboard computers and mobile WIFI functions.2 Many vehicle manufacturers opt for lithium-ion because they are much lighter and have a long lifespan, increasing sustainability efforts.3

The future of automotive batteries

In order to stay on par with the ever-increasing demands of vehicle manufacturers, battery specialists constantly research and develop new products to provide power to multiple applications of modern cars. From making use of pouch cells to placing thousands of lithium-ion cells together, the future of the battery industry looks interesting.

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