Linguation: Improved price calculator for even cheaper online translations

Linguation: Improved price calculator for even cheaper online translations
Linguation: Improved price calculator for even cheaper online translations. Image source: Pixabay

The online translation agency has further improved its online price calculator, now recognizing the word count of your PDF and image files more precisely, ensuring that spot on cost calculation. As a result, Linguation now offers even lower prices for its customers – while the quality of our translations of course is just as high as before. With our Linguation Price Calculator you can calculate the cost of your translation individually online in just a few steps. Simply upload the document to be translated (regardless of the format) and enter the language combination you require. In the next step, you have the option of choosing the type of translation (standard or specialist translation) and can add additional options, such as certified or express translation. You will immediately be shown the total cost and a binding delivery date. If you are satisfied with our quotation, you can order the translation of your documents immediately. Via our translation tracking system, you can follow the progress of your translation. You will receive the professional translation of your documents promptly and by email or – in the case of a certified translation – by post.

If your required language is not available in the drop-down menu or the cost of your translation cannot be reliably calculated due to, for example, the scan quality, the Linguation system automatically offers you the option to contact Linguation directly via email or live chat. You will then receive your individual offer between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (CET) on weekdays within one hour.

The translation agency’s all-round online service offers high-quality translations by carefully selected and qualified translators for a wide variety of languages, including French, Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Bulgarian, German or Greek. Linguation has an extensive database , which only includes fully trained translators who speak their languages ​​at native speaker level. Ongoing customer feedback also guarantees that the translators’ performance is consistently high. This guarantees technically and semantically flawless translations, even for the most demanding documents. Due to the complete online process, from cost calculation and ordering to delivery, first-class translation quality can be delivered at a fair price. Customer service is available to answer any questions or help with any problems you may have at any time via email, phone or live chat.

About Linguation

As a professional online translation agency, Linguation is your partner for reliable translations of all types of documents: in addition to the translation of official documents, such as certificates or identity documents, which are required, for example, for immigration, the translation agency also offers specialist translations by trained translators from various fields, including law, medicine, IT, science or marketing.