Have a Secure Backup Ready for Your At-Home Business or Side Hustle

With so many people working from home or in hybrid job models, it only makes sense to have some form of regular backup of all your digital files. Even if you are running a small e-commerce side hustle, you want to ensure your files are easily transferable should a natural disaster occur, your computer randomly crash, or whenever you update to a newer model.

Active@ Disk Image works by creating a full image of the software, files, images, and more on your PC. It makes an exact copy of HDD, SSD, USB, CD, DVD, and other storage devices for backing up critical data, storing it in a more secure location, upgrading your PC, or simply having a disk duplicate on hand.

You don’t have to worry about security concerns during this process. Active@ Disk Image 24 has been updated with additional support for BitLocker encrypted disk volumes. This means that sensitive data you may have about clients or family members is well protected as you back up and move disks to another device.

If you feel overwhelmed by the volume of tasks you need to finish on average, worry no more with Active@ Disk Image 24 and its scheduling feature on your side. Simply set up your automatic scheduled process and forget about it as it operates in the background – a must-have feature for remote and hybrid workers.

Active@ Disk Image 24 operates on the WinPE, offering full compatibility and support for all kinds of home office setups. You’ll ensure a backup is always available for full recovery so you don’t suffer from any unwanted downtime.

Everything is run through an intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures you don’t need additional training to leverage the power of Active@ Disk Image 24. It also ensures you have step-by-step and accurate instructions for any of the tasks you need to accomplish using this powerful and versatile tool.

The latest updated version of Active@ Disk Image 24 includes support for working on machines with Dell, Lenovo, and HP systems. You can learn more about the various benefits and support documentation by visiting https://www.lsoft.net/disk-image/. Considering how easy it is to lose information whenever a system crashes or your kiddos accidentally spill a soda on your machine, it is more than worth having a backup disk image available to quickly restore all your essential files.

Download Active@ Disk Image 24 at https://www.disk-image.com/downloads/DiskImageTrialSetup.exe today and bring the power of a versatile tool offering continuous peace of mind to your at-home business. Don’t let computer failure be the reason you’re out a few day’s income. Rely on the power of Active@ Disk Image 24 and its scheduling feature.