Digital solutions for KAMAZ from

Digital solutions for KAMAZ from
Digital solutions for KAMAZ from

KAMAZ PTC (PART OF ROSTEC) will be the first manufacturer to install the software from, adapting its products for multimedia systems in Russian cars.

On board of the new KAMAZ vehicles as part of the on-board information system (BIS) will be a postal service from Production of vehicles with this option will start in the autumn of 2019. In the future considers the possibility of adapting the rest of its services for the automotive market.

BIS KAMAZ supports all functions of the updated Among them – the system Smart Reply, which suggests options for instant answers, based on the text of the incoming letter. The convenience of one-click “smart replies” should especially appeal to drivers on the road, as there is no need to be distracted by a set of messages.

The fact that until recently seemed impossible, is becoming common, right into the cab drivers became available from the mail service of quick payment of fines of Traffic police, payment of mobile communication, utility services or send remittances.

“ as the online method of exchange of documents and messages that are known and accessible to everyone. And we took that into account in our decision. On-board information system (BIS) allows drivers to follow the planned course, not to get bored on the road thanks to multimedia capabilities (music, video, radio), go online, communicate with the dispatcher and exchange documents by mail. BIS is integrated with the ITIS-KAMAZ satellite transport monitoring system, which allows to increase the efficiency of the fleet up to 20%. This is possible by reducing fuel costs, driving quality control, evaluation of vehicle parameters, as well as by optimizing logistics, including through the use of fast methods of information exchange between the logistician and the driver online,” – explained Sergey Nazarenko, chief designer for innovative cars of KAMAZ PTC.

“The driver’s workplace in a modern truck can be compared to the workplace in the office in terms of comfort. Especially when it comes to mainline cars, drivers of which often spend the whole day behind the wheel. It is difficult to imagine in the 21st century a workplace without a computer and a computer without e-mail. for many Russians has become a service that began their acquaintance with the Internet and the world of technology in general. Now we repeat this way, only in front of us is not a stationary computer, and modern mobile equipment. In the automotive market KAMAZ – one of the leaders in terms of innovation, and we are delighted to begin this journey with him,” – commented Ivan Mizdrikov, Director of the product.

“The development of multimedia devices and telematics services in freight transport ultimately leads to optimization of transport costs and reduction of potential losses. And trucks are a fairly large segment of the market. The fleet of trucks in Russia is more than 3.7 million units, among which KAMAZ is the most popular, well-known brand in Russia and a significant player in the CIS countries. The future is undoubtedly in the digitalization of freight transport, it is the trend of the next few years. Particularly pleased that domestic producers pay IT much attention,” – said project Manager Auto Ivan Junín.
The interface of “car” mail does not differ from the usual version for mobile devices. The application is also easy to se t up multiple email accounts, group emails into thematic categories, and manage mailings.