Bring Enhanced Productivity Levels to Your PC Workflow with QnE Companion

Every day, thousands of new apps open doors to creative content that can be generated from the individual user all the way up to highly experienced development teams. In these situations, PC efficiency is not just an afterthought but a must-have feature to get the work done on time, every time.

Designed to cater to the unique needs of various groups like remote workers, freelancers, academics, students, IT pros, and small business owners, QnE Companion unlocks new levels of productivity all from a highly beneficial suite of tools.

For example, one benefit is using QnE Companion’s Clipboard Manager (CLIPMAN). Instead of moving back and forth between various apps, you get a centralized location to easily store, manage, and access numerous clipboard entries. Now, you’ll never lose that last bit of copied text or media you need to paste, even if you must copy something else before using it.

In academic or support work, having a streamlined Screen Capture utility is perfect for crafting highly engaging virtual aids in reports or group meetings. Categorizing these Screen Captures provides swift access when needed. Such features are easily accessible through the QnE Screen Capture utility.

If you are a small business owner trying to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, you need enhanced security protocols and many passwords. With QnE Companion’s Password Companion, you can store your passwords securely. You can even store notes and other information securely.

With version 1.16 now widely available, you get incredible new features to boost efficiency. The Launcher now relies on system icons for folders, meaning you will see your custom folder icons if you have set any. SCREENCAP includes a wealth of added features like file name templates and a capture option through the system tray icon. Password Companion utility has integrated a protective shield, so when the screen is captured, your passwords will not be included.

The entire QnE Companion package is designed for efficient productivity. Quick and Easy, no matter your tech-savvy skill level. Find out what you’ve been missing and what you won’t be able to do without.

Learn more about how you can leverage all the various features and updates of QnE Companion by visiting It’s time to regain control over your PC’s capabilities. It’s time for QnE Companion.