20+ video ideas for business, life and more

20+ video ideas for business, life and more
20+ video ideas for business, life and more

You want to save many special occasions with videos in a year. This article will suggest good video ideas for your business, personal hobby, celebratory parties, family anniversaries, or help you stand out on the web.

For some sample videos specifically for websites and social networking sites and Facebook and Instagram Stories, you can use some video-making software like FlexClip.

Video ideas for business

You can use apps to create different videos with various topics, which you can learn about at the bottom of this article. We’ll start with a video idea to make your business shine this year.

According to the 2019 social video marketing trends insights, 93% of marketers (marketers) say they gain new customers by using social video. Whether you are looking for new customers, want to increase engagement, or increase brand awareness, using video is a great way. Check out the following ideas, each of which comes with a sample video that you can develop further to your liking.

Business Video Idea #1: Tell Your Business Story

Viewers don’t share ads. They share stories. Make a video that tells a contagious, inspirational, entertaining story to engage your customers. You can also explain a trend, like an example below.

If you’re looking for Instagram Story ideas to tell the story of your business, tap into the behind-the-scenes footage.

Business video idea #2: Tell your own story

Instead of telling a generic story about the industry or industry trends, why not try telling a story about yourself? This will attract more customers when they see the “About your company” section, or you can leave it right in the featured video on your company’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

What makes your product “unique and strange”? Why did you start this business? What values ​​are you creating? Check out the sample video of “behind the scenes” below!

Business Video Idea #3: Tell a Product Story

Do you have a specific product with an exciting story? Let’s talk about it with a video because it’s a fun way to promote your products. A bakery tells the story behind its pepperoni rolls, as the following product story-driven sample video provides a vivid example.

If you are looking for ideas to create a video to share on Facebook or Instagram Stories, check out the following video.

Video ideas for businesses #4: Share authentic experiences

Authentic customer experiences are a great idea to build trust in potential customers and don’t take much time to make videos.

Video ideas for businesses #5: Share expertise

Sharing expertise and knowledge can also help make videos remarkable. Try creating a video tutorial, list of tips, tricks, or videos related to any topic in your industry. Think about what you can share to benefit your potential customers. And what questions do customers often ask?

Video ideas for businesses #6: Push promotions

Are you about to launch a sale? Promote it with video! Check out the video sample Valentine’s Day Gifts with super simple materials, with just a few photos and a few scenes as below:

Or an Instagram Stories template for a product launch like this one:

Video idea for business #7: Event promotion

Are you going to have some events this year? Don’t forget to use the video to promote the event! Refer to the video sample below, talking about the Eventbrite brand event.

Video ideas for the community

Are you a member of a social network or group? Whether it’s a book lover’s community, religious community, volunteer group, or any other organization, videos can be a fun way to get people excited to interact and participate in an activity. Here are some ideas and video samples to make it easy to get started.

Community video idea #1: Create event invitations

Are you planning to host an event for your community? Or organize an offline meeting? Create a video to invite your friends community members and at the same time share important information such as time, location and surprises waiting for them. To spark ideas, you can refer to the following holiday event promotion video sample.

Community video idea #2: Event narration

Try making a video summarizing the event at an upcoming offline meeting of the community you are participating in! Take photos and videos during the event and then collect them and turn them into a fun video that captures everyone’s fun moments! You can check out the video later and when you’re done, share it with the whole team via email, on Facebook, or wherever you can!

Video ideas for the community #3: Share interesting things

Make a list of exciting things your whole community is interested in. For example, if it’s a book club, you could share videos of a series of upcoming books that interest you or quote significant passages from some of your favorite authors. For more inspiration, check out the sample inspirational quotes video below!

Video ideas for personal taste

Video is also a great tool to share your interests or the hustle of life around you with friends, family, and the world. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic to your blog, need to make a video to sell something on social media, or anything like that, here are some ideas for How to use video to share with the world what you are doing in your free time.

Video Idea #1: Celebrate Your Victory

One of the most incredible things is when you get to do what you love and when it starts to get noticed. How did you feel when you reached your first 100 followers on Instagram? Then what will the milestone of 1000 or 10,000 followers look like? Let the world feel how happy you are when you set a goal and achieve it with fun videos!

Video idea #2: Share your story

This idea is similar to one of the business video ideas listed above. Videos are a fun way to tell the story of anything you’re passionate about. Need some inspiration? Check out a sample video of the bags below.

If you’re looking for an idea to tell a story, why not tell about the things that inspired you? Check out the video sample below to share what you’ve been inspired by!

Video idea #3: Show off your talent

Let your friends and family see your talent by showing it off with a few video tutorials. For example, DIY (do it yourself) videos about makeup recipes in your style like in the following video clip.

Video Idea #4: Introductory Blog Posts

Make an attention-grabbing video to promote your latest post if you have a blog. Check out the Blog Teaser template below for inspiration!

Check out the new post introduction video template below to let your followers know when you have a new post and use it to announce it on your Instagram.

Video ideas for celebratory parties

Do not forget to save the beautiful moments of the year’s celebration parties with vivid videos. Here are some ideas to make videos celebrating from birthdays weddings to other small parties.

Video Idea #1: Save the Date

Are you getting married or know someone who is getting married? Make a Save the Date video using the couple’s photos and video clips, with full details on the time and location of the wedding, as shown in the video below!

Video Idea #2: Send Happy Birthday

Gift a video to a friend or family member on their birthday? Why not! Include beautiful pictures, funny clips, and your congratulations, as in the example right below.

If you choose a unique birthday video template to post on your Facebook and Instagram Stories, you can refer to the following template.

Video idea #3: Send event invitations

Imagine if you replace the regular invitation with a video for a birthday party, wedding, family reunion, or another family event. Everyone will indeed find it extremely interesting and exciting.

Video Idea #4: Celebrating Engagement

If you’re newly engaged, then it’s the perfect time to share your fantastic love story with a cute video! Indeed your video will have many views and likes!

Video idea #5: Make a video about recollection

Bringing back good memories and memories in the lives of your loved ones with a remembrance video would be great, such as the following sample video.

Fun media video ideas

At this point, we’ve got a ton of excellent video ideas to post on social media. These videos can be a great way to get people engaged with your business or increase Likes and comments from friends and family on your profile. Of course, the videos above are already great for social media, but here are a few more ideas.

Fun media video idea #1: Share funny quotes

There are quite a few ideas to make videos that share good quotes and sayings, such as quotes from fun sources motivational articles. Good sayings and quotes are always easy to attract attention and inspire people following you on social networks.

Fun media video idea #2: Telling an adventure

Whether it’s a day trip home or an extended vacation, video is a great way to tell that story more engagingly. Make a video summarizing your trip instead of posting a massive photo album on Facebook. Combining images and clips in one video is a great way to share your experiences. Here is an example of a hot air balloon trip that you can refer to.

Fun media video idea #3: Videos about fun things

Finally, make the most special occasions by putting together lots of “hard” moments to surprise viewers with funny videos!