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Farm attacks and Farm murders in South Africa

Cullinan farm attack, one attacker dead, one arrested

André de Koning (66), his wife, Linda (64), and their three small grand children were attacked by two armed attackers on Wednesday September 30,...
Petro Res (60), was shot in the head and thrown inside a walk-in safe on a Thabazimbi farm. Photo: FaceBook

Four in court for Thabazimbi farm attack

A domestic worker and three men accused of killing a 60-year-old woman in a farm robbery have appeared in the Thabazimbi Magistrate's Court, Limpopo...

Mother and daughter attacked on farm

A mother and daughter from Alldays are lucky to be alive after being bombarded with stones on a farm in the Thabazimbi area. Farm Owner,...
Petro Res (60), was shot in the head and thrown inside a walk-in safe on a Thabazimbi farm. Photo: FaceBook

Domestic worker and husband arrested for deadly farm attack

A domestic worker and her husband were arrested for a farm attack in Limpopo, South Africa in which a woman was killed and locked...

Farming couple saved by broken iron from brutal torture

Three suspects are on the run after holding two victims at gunpoint and trying to torture them with a hot iron at the Doornhoek...

Attackers lock Limpopo farmers in cold room overnight

A man was locked with the body of his wife in a cold storage room on a game farm in the Thabazimbi area after...

‘The worst ten minutes of our lives’: farm attack victim

On Thursday, September 3, 2015, a young man was shot in his home in the Toitskraal area, Mpumalanga, while battling to prevent six armed...

Farm manager beaten with wheel spanner during farm attack

A Tshwane man is currently being treated for a skull fracture after three armed men entered his home on Friday night and beat him...

Terrifying farm attack: gun jams pointed to forehead of farmer

A gun pressed to his forehead, Hope­well farmer Mark Anthony looked into the cold eyes of the man who was about to kill him,...
Attack on farm in South Africa foiled by schoolgirl

Attack on farm foiled by schoolgirl – Video

CCTV footage showing a young girl's ordeal on her family farm on August 30, 2015. Su-Mari Lombard 17, survived her ordeal and thwarts a...

We are lucky to be alive – KZN farm attack victim

A brutal farm attack in Melmoth, KwaZulu-Natal, saw a couple bound, beaten with pangas and pistol-whipped at the hands of their attackers. The men, who...

Farmer murdered for R300

Pietermaritzburg - A Camperdown farmer has been murdered for items valued at around R300. A robber gang apparently failed in attempts to break into a...
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