Zuma wants to make ‘land theft’ a priority in South Africa

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Zuma wants to make ‘land theft’ a priority in South Africa
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If someone takes something without permission or without paying for it, it’s theft.

This is exactly what the ANC head of state, Jacob Zuma wants to do. During the supposed Freedom Day celebrations at Manguzi in Natal, in the colonial language, he announced that the land expropriation without compensation should be discussed within the few next days and weeks.

He attended the event with his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa and according to observers the two were very pleased with each other, however, Ramaphosa did nothing to defend the principle of ownership within the free-market system.

Zuma again claimed that blacks have no economic freedom in the country and that their hunger needs to be fixed now. He also argues that the one hundred listed companies in black hands on the Johannesburg stock exchange are the result of his government’s legal intervention.

The ANC will hold a policy conference in June and, according to Zuma, the issue of expropriation without consideration will be discussed.

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