Zuma on secret visit to Qatar

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Zuma on secret visit to Qatar
Zuma on secret visit to Qatar. Photo: Die Vryburger

It has been reported that Jacob Zuma has taken a secret visit to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad as-Thani of Qatar, apparently breaking the state’s protocol.

The Department of International Relations nor the SA Embassy in Doha was aware of the visit, while the presidency had to be informed by protocol rules of such a visit.

The SA ambassador to Qatar, Faizel Moosa, apparently contacted Lindiwe Sisulu and Cyril Ramaphosa after he became aware of the visit.

Claims that Zuma is looking for assistance with legal costs or that he is seeking permanent residence in Qatar has been speculated as reasons for his visit.

Contact with the Guptas has also been mentioned for his secret visit.

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