Zuma Inc. – Zuma family nepotism

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

Jacob Zuma

We all know by now that ANC stands for Arrogance Nepotism Corruption.

But let us look at the Zuma family, and you will really see what nepotism is.

First and foremost Duduzane Zuma is the Zuma family’s representative on the Gupta boards.

Khulubushe Zuma, the Grootvlei mine stripper, is holding 2 oil fields in the DRC that Kabila gave to Kom Raid He He He #783 as a reward for the presence of our troops to stabilize the eastern DRC. The 2 oil fields, Capricat and Foxwhelp, are worth R100 billion [City Press story]

Kom Raid just anointed his ex-wife as the next leader of the ZANC.

There is Batha Hotel Dlamini, SASSA minister, who are cousins with Sarafina Zupta Dlamini, just anointed next ZANC leader.

There is the SARS commissioner Tom Moyane who is Kom Raid’s brother in law.

There is Dudu Myeni of SAA who had a son with Kom Raid. Her son Thalente Myeni said himself before that Kom Raid is his father and he was included in the Prasa rail coach tender.

There is Thuthukile Zuma, the 25-year-old daughter of Kom Raid who became one of the most senior officials at the Department of Communications, resigned there, and scored a massive fuel transportation tender for Petro SA.

There is Super Zuma, a Zuma783 family member, who is the ZANC Secretary in Kwa Zuma- Natal.

There is Zuma’s nephew, Mandla Gcaba, he runs the Durban municipal bus service on the tender.

From IOL :
Durban – Durban ratepayers have forked out R16 million after a company linked to President Jacob Zuma’s nephew, Mandla Gcaba, failed to pay over provident fund contributions from eThekwini Municipal bus service employees.

Exactly how much was not paid over by Gcaba’s Tansnat Durban CC, which has the contract to run Durban’s municipal bus services, is unknown. But a letter sent to union shop stewards by Liberty Life states that an R16 million payment was made to the Tansnat Durban CC provident fund.

Then there is Deebo Mzobe, another KwaZuma-Natal multi millionaire, and Kom Raid #783 cousin, who is linked to the R2 billion Nkandla village project. There is simply so much on this guy, I can’t sum up. I will have to copy and paste. :From City Press:
“President Jacob Zuma’s cousin, Sibusiso Deebo Mzobe has been entrusted to run a multi-million rand project for the government but is unable to pay his child’s school fees, casting doubt on whether he is the right candidate for the job.”
City Press reported that Mzobe owes over R62 000 in unpaid school fees. He has also defaulted on an R38 000 loan from Absa and owes a further R1 460 to Checkers, although it is not clear how he owes the food retailer.

Mzobe’s Masibambisane Rural Development Initiative was awarded an R900 million tender to run KwaZulu-Natal’s food-security project, which is a collaboration between the Presidency, the National Economic Development Department, and various KwaZulu-Natal provincial government departments. The project aims to create farming initiatives that encourage people to produce their own food. A similar project exists in the Eastern Cape.

Minister of Water Affairs, Edna Molewa, pledged millions to Mzobe’s initiative, including R2 million to hire technical staff. Agriculture Minister, Tina Joemat-Petterson, promised the government would buy produce from the Masibambisane Project farmers.

At the weekend, Zuma pledged his support for the NGO at a function in Idutywa, Eastern Cape, telling reporters, “Even though others are criticizing it [Masibambane]; it is a good initiative that is driving poverty away… If I were a journalist today, I would write great stories about how this initiative is fighting poverty… This initiative was not started by me, but the people of this country who saw the levels of poverty.”

City Press has also revealed that Mzobe has been awarded some tenders by the government in the past through his company Deebo construction and Deebo holdings. These include:

At least two school upgrade projects in KwaZulu-Natal that amounted to more than R11 million.

In a joint venture with Stedone Civils and PMPZ Construction, Deebo Construction won a tender to construct the new Wembezi Interchange on the N3 at Estcourt.

A contract to extend a road in Durban for R616 939.

An R3.5 million tender to build RDP houses in Shatale Zone 1, in Bosbokrand.

An R24 million tender in Mkhondo municipality, Mpumalanga, to build 400 houses in 2011.

A contract to build 599 houses worth more than R33 million in Mbombela and Mkhondo (Piet Retief).

Mzobe’s company, Dynamo Duck Trading Projects, scored an R500 000 tender with the KwaZulu-Natal health department to replace carpets and paint floors at the Newcastle forensic mortuary.

From Berea Mail :
“eTHEKWINI City Manager, Sbu Sithole has given written confirmation to the DA in Council that it will launch an investigation into an R3,7-million tender involving President Jacob Zuma’s cousin, Deebo Mzobe.”

According to DA eThekwini caucus leader, Zwakele Mncwango, it is believed the city called for bids to organize a concert ahead of the BRICS summit held in July this year. The bids were called for a week before the festival, and according to Mncwango, three companies are alleged to have submitted proposals.

“Media reports alleged that at the 11th hour, Mzobe’s company Solesa Productions made an appearance at a meeting at the city hall and weaseled its way into the job as project managers. The municipality requested that all four companies work together and a “profit share” agreement was signed between the businesses and eThekwini,” he said.

However, It has since emerged that the municipality paid Solesa R3, 7 million but the latter failed to channel any payments to the other three companies.

The DA asked Sithole to clarify why the tender to host the festival was issued only one week before it was due to start; why Solesa Productions were allowed to enter into the fray at such short notice to project manager the festival; why the money was paid directly to Solesa Productions and not split amongst the other companies; and what was being done to ensure Solesa Productions honoured the memorandum of understanding between the companies involved and the municipality.

“The DA believes that shady dealings such as this one should not go unchallenged. It is for this very reason that Sithole must get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding this matter and report back to the Executive Committee at the earliest possible opportunity. Anything short of this will be seen as an attempt to protect a Zuma relative and ANC crony,” he said.

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland
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