Without respect there is no hope, SA’s uncivilised behaviour

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Without respect there is no hope, SA's uncivilised behaviour. Photo: FNSA
Without respect there is no hope, SA's uncivilised behaviour. Photo: FNSA

On Monday 11 June 2018, and Tuesday the social media reported on the looting of shops in Riebeeck Kasteel, municipal workers lying smoking on graves, on a young man from the West Coast having stabbed and beaten and tortured a baby seal to death and proudly sharing the video clip of it, of a rock thrown through a vehicle’s windscreen, of a teacher being assaulted by pupils and of renewed calls for the removal of the Paul Kruger statue on Church Square.

Front National once again realised: It all boils down to the one thing that we have lost in this country.


There is no respect for heritage. No respect for nature. No respect for other people’s belongings. No respect for people’s memories. No respect for achievement and progress and hard work. No respect for authority and rules and law. No respect for human life.

There is no respect for any other opinion than our own. No respect for another person’s culture, his religion, his safety, his place in society.

There is no respect left.

Which is why it is simply futile to argue about how to fix this country. We can have all the most noble intentions possible to mankind, without respect there is no hope.

Will we regain respect? No. Because respect is the reward for good behaviour and conduct. And one cannot respect uncivilised behaviour such as what we have to face day in and day out.

We have lost one of the most important characteristics of civilisation.

We have lost the ability to respect.

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