Whites who dine out, risk contamination

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Whites who dine out, risk contamination
Whites who dine out risk contamination - Image - Die Vryburger

After the controversial Spur incident, the restaurant group banned a white man from entering the nationwide chain, where the mother of a child assaulted the man’s daughter, and entered into an altercation. Now a social media post from an employee of McDonald’s brags about how she spits in all white people’s food.

According to the website, Clashdaily.com Bubba Conroy boasted on Twitter that if reasons are given, it’s because of the slavery against blacks.

The question arises whether the insert on Twitter is real or not because the link to Clashdaily.com has since been removed. Bubba Conroy’s Twitter account has also been suspended after an outcry from the public.

This is not the first time that blacks have raised the issue of contamination of whites food on social media and means it is a risk for whites to eat out.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Steve Hofmeyr and Dan Roodt have received death threats on social media.

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