White oppression in South Africa – A must see

White oppression in South Africa - A must see

A young white male returns to South Africa filled with aspirations of finding work and contributing to the economy of the country. Disappointment follows as dreams are shattered. There is no work for white people in South Africa. Now unemployed the young man questions the fairness of the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policies.

In the video, he asks why the Democratic Alliance (DA) supports the BEE policies and said that on their official website, the DA explains their position regarding the BEE policies but added the following: “it is a common misconception that they do not support BEE.”

On the South Africa Info website, there is a broad definition of BEE and at the end of the description the following appears: “No economy can grow by excluding any part of its people.”

The young man like any other South African wants to know where are the fair and equal rights inside the workplace. Why after 22 years of democracy is there racial oppression inside the workplace? Why are whites, excluded from the job market, even though they might have the best qualifications, the skills, and experience?

Affirmative action according to the ANC is to help South Africa build the country and produce benefits for all citizens. There must be equality for the entire nation whether black or white, rich, or poor, peace, prosperity, progress and justice is the core element of affirmative action. It might be the plan of the ANC to give opportunities to the “disadvantaged, poor and to correct historical injustices, yet if the best qualified for the job is not taken into account, based on the color of their skin, how can the economy grow.

The ANC stipulate that the affirmative action is not a plan to replace one form of injustice with another. It’s a lie; the BEE action creates a great injustice to the white minority of South Africa. The whites are oppressed and excluded from the workplace. The ANC’s BEE policies are nothing more than a good governance aspect to ensure the majority benefit and that the minority is subject to injustice.

The video is no longer available. Removed for personal reasons

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