Where to with agriculture in South Africa?

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Earlier this week a liberal political commentator explained his solution for the question of agricultural land and farming.

He argues that farms should not be expropriated from white farmers and handed over to black farmers, like in Zimbabwe, because that will lead to famine. He argues that all agricultural land should be expropriated and divided equally so that everybody who wants a piece of land should have a few hectares to plant a crop, raise a pig and a cow and maybe a few goats.

How very noble and how very medieval. Did he ask his 5 year old daughter to write such rubbish?

That is called “subsistence farming”. The farmer provides the food for him and his family.

As long ago as 23 January 2013 the SA Institute of Race Relations reported that TWO THIRDS of the population of this country are now urbanised. The World Bank supports this analysis.

So are they supposed to survive on water, rats and acorns then?

The South African government sits on thousands of hectares of prime agricultural land. Start redistributing that and leave our commercial farmers alone to do their work as they know best on the land that legally belongs to them.

And for pity’s sake, start protecting them from being murdered while producing the food we eat!

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