When will the ‘mandjie’ pull the pin?

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“Tunisia Day” is a term often used by political analysts to describe the moment when the masses rise against the powers that be. It happened without prior warning in Tunisia some years ago. Another prime example of this is when the Algerian National Liberation Front tinkered with government for 3 decades, in the same way Zuma, Ramaphosa and their predecessors did, and then took one step too far by cancelling an election when it became clear that their support is dwindling.

Overnight a civil war erupted which caused the death of 200 000 civilians.

When will that happen in South Africa, for it inevitably will? Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of the former president and outspoken critic of the ANC, is very exact in his prediction. 2020, he says, give or take a few months. And his reasoning makes a lot of sense.

The ANC created, through BEE and Affirmative Action, a number of extremely dangerous power groups within the black society. Instead of rectifying the shortcomings of the regime they replaced, they became very greedy and immediately identified what its leaders and followers wanted, instead of what South Africa needed. And then they proceeded by satisfying the short-term consumption demands of the ANC supporters.

They created a wealthy black upper class who received all they wanted to have as long as they were ANC supporters, thereby creating a sense of entitlement which is growing by the day and which has to be fed constantly in order to buy back their loyalty. Apart from that, the middle class is rewarded with high paid government jobs, which they have no skill of doing, in return for loyalty to the party. And the rest of the population is placated with social welfare grants, at the same time buying their votes with it.

The one problem with this is: The money to keep it running must come from somewhere.

At the moment it is coming mostly from China who is going through a minerals intensive industrialization phase. This process forced the prices of South African minerals skyhigh, which enabled the ANC government to finance their social welfare programmes.

By doing that they could keep the majority of the voters quiet about the REAL ANC track record, which includes performances such as:

1) Life expectancy dropping from 65 to 49 years in 21 years
2) South Africa having to import food since 2007 for the first time in its history
3) The elimination of agricultural subsidies causing the loss of 600 000 jobs in agriculture alone
4) The end of border control leading to the poverty stricken masses from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria, Somalia and elsewhere streaming into South Africa, in turn causing xenophobic friction and an even higher demand on social support services.

The ANC reminds one of a family of happy little monkeys playing with a hand grenade…and pretty soon one will figure out how to pull the pin. Ka-boom!!! Tunisia Day.

Mbeki says his prediction is for 2020, because according to China that is the year in which they will conclude their industrialisation process and won’t be in need of South African minerals any longer. Which means the ANC will no longer have money to support the free for all social benefits and handouts which keep their supporters happy and content and supportive.

Given the fact that the ANC will remain in power, with lots of promises and T shirts and hampers during the 2019 election, 2020 will be a rude awakening for their supporters.

And the pin might just be pulled….

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