When Losers become Winners through Numbers

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One of our major concerns at Front National SA is the psychological make-up of a multicultural system threatening the European culture of excellence. Not only is the “loser mentality” in our schools and social system being forced on a “winner” nation/volk; but it is actively encouraged to be accepted.

If the Springboks lose by 57 – 0 against New Zealand, it is NOT acceptable; yet we are too politically-correct and loser-orientated to put the blame on quotas and a boardroom mismanagement of rugby in South Africa. Bafana-Bafana is, after all, rated 55th.

Having a multicultural loser mentality means you accept that it is okay to blame failures on anything else, from Apartheid to the Illuminati to being previously disadvantaged. We all start life more or less in the same manner – but it is a fact of life that mental make-up, capabilities and cultures differ.

From a western/European perspective there has never been an African success story, never a “winner” mentality. It is not to say that from an African perspective some things may be regarded as “winning”, but to us it doesn’t make sense. An education system based on collective efforts opposed to individualism; a land use system based on communal property rights and agriculture; a political system of group and mass action – those are “loser and African” pipe dreams from our perspective.

We see people blaming others and society for their individual circumstances. Apartheid. Afrikaans. Entry to universities. Lack of resources for the police force. Failing infrastructure due to money shortages. Thieving politicians are tolerated because of so-called struggle credentials. Ex-pats’ smirking are tolerated because they once used to live in South Africa. No sir – that is a loser mentality from where I’m sitting…

Hand in hand with this loser mentality is the entitlement attitude – we, the majority, are entitled to land, to money, to positions… and we’ll enforce it by Affirmative Action, BEE and Quotas. We will write more than 100 laws, regulations and ordinances enforcing our entitlement.

When you live in a society where you are basically surrounded by such people, being a loser becomes the norm. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “loser” has not impacted on the European/white community as well during the past two decades in the multicultural system. It has. You see it in political-correct journalism by a loser type reporter corps; in a loser attitude of organisations that are desperate to be “inclusive”; of seemingly harmless behaviour on social media with false profiles. Losing creeps up on you and it starts to manifest when you cite losing as a “growth process” and brutal farm murders as mere crime.

Next, as has happened to a whole generation of European/westerners in South Africa, you develop a comfort zone. You start to believe what the media and government tell you. You sit back in the believe that somebody like Angus Buchan will pray this right, that Steve Hofmeyr will sing this right, that Siener van Rensburg will predict this right, that emigrating will make it right. You become a loser. It is okay to be a loser because the majority are losers.

At Front National we say, and again I stress it is from our perspective as Afrikaners from a wester/European culture, it is NOT okay to be loser. The only way to get out of this losing streak is to fight for self-determination where our true potential can be realised in normal circumstances.

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