Violence erupts, riotous crowd attack police, Kensington

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Violence erupts, riotous crowd attack police, Kensington
Violence erupts, riotous crowd attack police, Kensington

During a multi disciplinary operation targeting the generators of crime in Kensington on Friday evening, 21 September 2018, police officials came under fire from the community members who pelted members with stones, threw petrol bombs and fired shots.

It was during this scuffle that a police constable suffered injuries and was treated. Police were left with no choice but to act against the riotous crowd using stun grenades and rubber bullets in an effort to diffuse the situation.

One suspect, a 35 year old man was arrested on charges of dealing in liquor, public violence and resisting an arrest. He was found in possession of R18 000-00 cash which is believed to be proceeds of trading in liquor illegally.

Three cases of beer were also confiscated. He is due to make a court appearance in Cape Town on Tuesday, 25 September 2018.

The circumstances surrounding the entire incident are now under investigation.

The Western Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General KE Jula condemned the violence displayed by the community in Kensington against police who were executing operations aimed at making the area safer. The Provincial Commissioner has vowed police will not be intimidated by criminals who attempt to derail policing efforts in the Western Cape.

Lt General Jula says, “Communities need to support police efforts to make the areas they live in safer.” The Kensington attack on police happens as police safety month draws to a close. Meanwhile police undertake to continue with similar operations in the area in future.

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