Racism to combat injustices of the past

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Racism to combat injustices of the past
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Racism to combat “injustices of the past” – UCT gave in to liberal delusions again.

702 Cape Talk Radio received an email yesterday from a single parent in the Cape Town Southern Suburbs. Her son, William Crake, was a matriculant at the renowned Norman Henshilwood High School in 2016. He was the Dux scholar of the school and scored no less than 9 distinctions in matric. Apart from his compulsory subjects, he followed additional subjects and matriculated with a total of nine A symbols.

William’s dream is to study medicine. Consequently he applied to both the University of Stellenbosch and the University of Cape Town, which is situated only a few blocks away from his home. While he was accepted at Stellenbosch, he is still waiting for approval of a NSF bursary application, without which he will not be able to afford accommodation in Stellenbosch. He was therefore hoping for acceptance at UCT.

But his application was abruptly rejected.

What makes matters worse is the fact that the number 5 and the number 7 students on the list were accepted.

Cape Talk consequently had an interview with professor Gonda Perez of UCT Medical School. And in this interview she hinted at what the REAL reason was for refusing William’s application. Amongst other things she said:

“Classes have to reflect the racial makeup of our country.”
“About half of students in Category B are white.”
“He could’ve had 30 distinctions and he still may not have gotten in.”
“We believe this is a fair way of correcting the wrongs of the past.”

This is sufficient reason to be very, very concerned about the policy of acceptance at our Universities. Prof Perez freely admits that the University is more concerned about a politically correct approach to address “injustices” of a dispensation which existed BEFORE William was even born, than with allowing a brilliant scholar the opportunity of a career in service of the people of his country. The past is therefore more important to them than the future.

What boggles the mind is the fact that the University of Cape Town refuses an A-grade Dux Scholar because he is too white, while accepting an academically less gifted student because he is black. And then says this is because there is no racial classification. Commit racism to end racism. To hell with the patients of the future, to hell with the future of William Crake. Help me out please, because sure as hell, I am struggling to make sense out of this argument.

When PW Botha called UCT “Moscow on the hill”, he was ridiculed for it. It is now indeed something closer to “Barnum and Bailey on the hill.”

Front National South Africa seriously objects to this handling of a brilliant young man’s future and the awkward priorities of the UCT Medical School. We cross our fingers that William will in fact find a way to reach his goal of becoming a doctor.

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