Racism debacle on Southern Cape fires can move northwards

Die Vryburger

Racism debacle on Southern Cape fires can move northwards - Image - Die Vryburger

While the towns of Knysna, Belvidere, Brenton-on-Sea and surrounding areas experience tremendous damage as a result of devastating fires, some non-white racists are embracing the situation.

As the picture shows in this report, a conversation has emerged on Twitter by Savagéé @ KeNegroAkere who apparently responded to @Captain_Champu about the fires there. The message says that the person actually smiled when the fires in Knysna were noticed, “because we all know what the majority of the population is there,” followed by a smile.

At least three people have already died as a result of the fires, while thousands had to be evacuated from burning areas.

With the fire season in the northern provinces as well, there are fears that inflammatory statements like this could lead to fires deliberately being started with racist motives.

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  • Doug

    Ref the BOY with a small dick and no balls smiling because of the fires. Burn in hell spawn of satan. Karma is a bitch asshole!

  • Guy Morel

    proving that you don’t need logic to be racist.. nor facts.

  • Tryit

    Won’t be suprised,is just like the land grab .if you cannot get hands on it ,kill and destroy it.

  • Raymond Lautenbach

    The white black apologists won’t learn that charity begins at home. The religious do gooders are only making fools of themselves.

  • Denver Ingram Duncan

    It is a pity we have people like this. It will have an effect on the poor, when they have fires a lot of white people rush to assist them with food clothing etc. Some may decide to review their contributions.

  • Danny joubert

    I spent my life saving lives and fighting fires. In 30 years I can honestly say that 80% of the lives I saved and the people in need that I assisted were black. I don’t regret my past but I do wonder where we are heading.

  • Sonet Luscombe van Schalkwyk

    Does this racist idiot realise that there are informal settlements that burnt too?. Guess who ran to the aid of black people who were trapped there and saved their lives? whites!! Grow up you stupid idiot!. To wish ill and death on another will come back to bite you in the ass!!

  • Lisa Finch

    I have donated thousands of rand to relief funds to help people in need at tragic events. No more! Not a cent. Unfortunately because of comments like this idiot has made and I know so many people are not going to help anymore. Their death and blood is on your hands Savagee. Live with that. The majority of people in trouble in Knysna are blacks and coloureds. Shame on you.

  • Michael C

    We will rise and wipe the scum from this land. The brainless arsholes

  • Kevin1205

    This idiot has no clue about the population of Knysna and its surrounds. If he was anything but a complete idiot he would know that Brenton and Belvidere are suburbs of Knysna. As they say you cannot cure stupid, but to display it in a public forum is beyond stupid.

  • Geraldine

    To all the Christians: hate the sin, not the sinner

  • Wilhelm Snyman

    The stupidity of Africa… it is the abattoir of the intellect

  • Rat

    How nasty, seems his hatred has blinded him. Karma is a biaytch, what you give out you get back even if you just THINK it.

  • Debbie Gray Boyes

    For seven years I have run my NPO and have been supporting the black informal settlements. Joe Slovo, DuNoon, Imizama Yethu, with all their fires. I am WHITE. So now, you fucker, I will not help another black informal settlement again. I am so sick and tired of the horrific racist remarks against white people. Its not whites that are racist, its blacks, just look at all the comments going around. Go fuck yourself you asshole

    • Mish

      May God bless you for your kind work.
      And now many people that have benefited from your selfless efforts will suffer because of one person’s actions.

      You don’t fight fire with fire, Debbie. 🙏

  • Hazel Stevenson

    This Savagee is the spawn of Satan so why worry about him!! The blacks in the town came in droves to our church for help and we gave without looking at any colour!! If Savagee can comment like this it only goes to show who the true racists are!!

  • crocopede

    the stats from 2016
    27835 – black african
    31526 – coloured
    102 indian – asian
    14367 – white


    clearly this guy who posted that on twitter doesnt like african and coloured people