Mosque attack, gruesome farm attacks don’t get the same attention

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Mosque attack, gruesome farm attacks don’t get the same attention
Mosque attack, gruesome farm attacks don't get the same attention

The attack on worshipers in a mosque in Malmesbury in the Western Cape this morning, 14 June 2018 made countrywide headlines.

An attacker, reportedly a Somali, armed with a knife attacked worshipers in the mosque and stabbed two before the police shot him.

The special investigation unit of the police will immediately give attention to this matter as promised in Parliament. Just like the attack on a Natal mosque recently, the media has already reported widely about it.

Front National strongly condemns this attack. Just as horrific as the attack at the St.James Church or any attack on people in a place of worship.

Nevertheless, despite repeated requests by FN and a host of other organizations, similar attention is simply not given to the equally horrific farm murders, people who are going about doing their daily tasks.

If the government can not act consistently and approach these crimes with the same degree of seriousness, they must accept that minority groups in South Africa have little reason to trust the current government.

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