Independent Western Cape – CapeXit and FF Plus formally join hands

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Independent Western Cape – CapeXit and FF Plus formally join hands
Independent Western Cape - CapeXit and FF Plus formally join hands. Photo: Pixabay

This past weekend, the FF Plus and CapeXit formally confirmed their collaboration in the pursuit of an independent Western Cape by way of a public awareness campaign and the launch of a combined FF Plus/CapeXit election poster.

The joint event and unveiling of the poster took place in Langebaan on Saturday 23 October 2021 and was enthusiastically received by the public.

Self-determination in terms of Section 235 of the Constitution is an important policy objective for the FF Plus. And in turn, CapeXit with its registered number of members totaling 821 000 is the biggest civil organisation in the country that is striving to achieve independence for the Western Cape.

CapeXit is a non-political movement that registered as an NPO in 2019 and is also a member of the Organization of Emerging African States.

Mr Des Palm from CapeXit said during the campaigning event that the various parallels in their quest for independence as well as the fact that the FF Plus is the fifth biggest party in the country and is growing strongly in the Western Cape make it the ideal partner in the quest for self-governance.

The FF Plus believes that a referendum in the near future is inevitable and necessary to determine the people of the province’s preferences in this regard. It is attainable. The greater the number of people demanding it, the greater the chances of it becoming a reality.

The Western Cape does not need to be subjected to the incompetence, corruption, decay and decline affecting the rest of the country under ANC rule.

In the straitjacket of the current unitary state, the will of the majority is merely being imposed on minorities. It is not a true democracy, but a tyranny of the majority.

The aim of the weekend’s campaign was to demonstrate that the FF Plus is not only paying lip service when it comes to pursuing self-determination. The party will walk this road alongside CapeXit to achieve freedom for the Western Cape.

The power to achieve it lies in the hands of the people of the province. The harder they knock on the door, the sooner it will be opened.

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