Farm murder, farmer brutally murdered, Louisenhof, Stellenbosch

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Farm murder, farmer brutally murdered, Louisenhof, Stellenbosch
Farm murder, farmer brutally murdered, Louisenhof, Stellenbosch. Photo: FNSA

South Africa was shocked this morning, 3 June 2019, by the atrocious murder of Stefan Smit, the farmer from louisenhof in Stellenbosch was shot and killed. At about 20:00, on 2 June 2019, three masked men attacked and brutally killed the farmer. However, there’s a lot more behind this matter than simply just another farm murder.

1) After cyril Ramaphosa became president, in February 2017, he delivered his first state of the nation address in which he introduced expropriation of property without compensation as government policy. Less than a month thereafter, in March 2017, the EFF started with land grabs in Gauteng and declared certain areas in the country as “priority” for such grabs and the Stellenbosch District was cited.

In October of that year, Joubert Conradie is murdered on his farm at Kanonkop, about 14 kilometers from Stellenbosch. This lead to the to the National “Black Monday” protest action.

2) Between March and August 2018 the residents of Kayamandi, close to Stellenbosch started to build their shacks in the vineyards of louisenhof, the farm of Stefan Smit. He had to regularly approach the court to have these removed.

3) In June 2018, the same period in which the illegal occupation of Stefan Smit’s land occurred, Jeff Zettler, a strawberry farmer, on the other side of Stellenbosch, less than 20 kilometers from louisenhof, was also killed.

4) On 25 August 2018, during the middle of Stefan Smit’s struggle to keep the squatters from his land, news reports indicated that land in the area of Stellenbosch had sharply decreased in price and that many farm were in the market.

5) On 9 April 2019 the farmers of Stellenbosch invited Cyril Ramaphosa to address them on the Beyerskloof estate. This resulted in an emotional declaration where Cyril Ramaphosa was hailed as the “Anointed Leader” and a man who has to be fully trusted and respected. This meeting is in walking distance of the home on Louisenhof.

And at that home Stefan Smit has now been brutally murdered. The cause behind this atrocious act can thus not only be laid at the door of the three armed attackers.

The President and government of South Africa should also stand in the dock! It’s them who have released the devil with their policy of expropriation without compensation, which now makes every vagrant and violent person think they can take whatever they want.

The radical politicians in South Africa who make racist statements against the white minority, fuel hatred amongst their followers and make outlandish outburst about what land should be expropriated also have the blood of Stefan Smit on their hands. Statements, by the way, which are not regarded as hate speech by the HRC!

Front National respects with this our sincere condolences to the Smit family of louisenhof. Stefan was the fourth generation on louisenhof. We mourn with you.

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