Man run over after remote jamming incident

CICA South Africa

Man run over after remote jamming incident

Cape Town, South Africa, criminals use remote car signal jamming in a Silver Toyota Corolla. Watch the video.

The owner of the car walks away thinking the car is locked, and the criminals observing the target, immediately get into the stolen car. The thieves drove off when they realized they were spotted taking the car and in their haste drove over the victim. Once again, it is the urgency of taking the vehicle that the life of another human being is disregarded.

Remote jamming of the central locking system of vehicles is nothing new. The criminals will use a garage remote or any other remote to jam the signal of the car. The innovative action of car dealers have designed a jam alert for owners, and this new device will stop thieves from jamming cars. In South Africa, where the criminals remain vigilant and try to outsmart technology, will probably find a way around the new jam alert. For now, owners can have more protection from thieves.

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